Aluminum Spiral Duct

Standard: API 5L, API 5CT, ASTM 53,
EN10217, GB/T9711.1 GB/T9711.2
Certificate: API 5L PSL1 / PSL2, API 5CT
Out Diameter: 219.1mm -3046mm (8” -72”)
Wall Thickness: 6.0 -14mm
Length: Up to 12m
Steel Grade: API 5L: GR B, X42,X46, X56, X60,X65,X70
EN: S275, S275JR, S355JRH, S355J2H
GB: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q345, L245, L290, L320, L360- L555
Surface Treatment: Fusion bond Epoxy coating,
Coal Tar Epoxy,
3PE, Vanish Coating
, Bitumen Coating,
Black Oil coating,
as per customer’s requirement
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Product Details

Product Details

aluminum spiral duct The application scope of 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe is as follows:Sewage treatment: sewage treatment discharge pipe, sewage pipe and biological pool anticorrosion project.Agriculture: agricultural irrigation pipe, deep well pipe, drainage pipe network.Coal mine: it is suitable for underground water supply and drainage, underground shotcrete, positive and negative pressure ventilation, gas drainage, fire sprinkling and other pipe networks.Power plant: thermal power plant process water waste residue, return water pipeline.Fire protection: it has excellent applicability for water supply pipeline of anti-spray and sprinkler system.Highway: power, communication, highway and other cable protection sleeve.Municipal engineering: suitable for high-rise building water supply, heat supply network, tap water engineering, gas transmission, buried water and other pipelines.

Brief Introduction

aluminum spiral duct


 API 5L, API 5CT, ASTM 53, EN10217, GB/T9711.1 GB/T9711.2



 Out Diameter:

 219.1mm -3046mm (8” -72”)

 Wall Thickness:

 6.0 -14mm


 Up to 12m

 Steel Grade: 

 API 5L: GR B, X42,X46, X56, X60,X65,X70

 EN: S275, S275JR, S355JRH, S355J2H

 Surface Treatment:

 Fusion bond Epoxy coating,

 Coal Tar Epoxy,

 3PE, Vanish Coating,

 Bitumen Coating,

 Black Oil coating,

 as per customer’s requirement 


 Chemical Component Analysis,

 Mechanical Properties (Ultimate tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation),  Technical Properties (Flattening Test, Bending Test, Blow Test, Impact Test),  Exterior Size Inspection,

 Hydrostatic Test,

 X-ray Test.

aluminum spiral duct

L415 material 3 PE anticorrosive spiral pipe main standard polyethylene and high density polyethylene, vicat softening point was not less than 110 ℃;The thickness of the outer anticorrosive coating is determined according to the German standard DIN30670, which is mainly low and medium density polyethylene, greatly improving the impact strength of 3PE anticorrosive coating.3PE anticorrosion is a commonly used anticorrosion method *, in addition to 2PE, 2PP,3PP, their manufacturing process is similar, but the raw materials are not the same, this kind of anticorrosion is characterized by simple manufacturing process, good anticorrosion effect, low price, is generally recognized as the pipeline manufacturing anticorrosion method

For example, a water-cooling system installed on the output bench to speed up cooling allows for the use of low alloy composition to achieve special strength grades and low temperature toughness, thus improving the weldability of steel.But this kind of system basically does not have in the steel plate factory.

The Process Flow



The Application


The Workshop

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