Painted Epoxy Resin Outer ERW Smls Carbon Steel Pipe

Painted Epoxy Resin Outer ERW Smls Carbon Steel Pipe

Wall thickness 1mm-150mm(SCH10-XXS)
Outer diameter 6mm-2500mm (3/8"-100")
Length 4000mm,5800mm,6000mm,12000mm,or as required.
Price terms FOB,CIF,CFR,CNF,Ex-work
Payment terms T/T,L/C,westen union
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Product Details

Product Details

Electric chemical S620Q/European standard/day standard American standard seamless pipe, electricity, chemical S690Q/European standard/day standard American standard seamless pipe, electricity, chemical EN10297 / European standard/day standard American standard seamless pipe, electricity,...

Brief Introduction

Painted Epoxy Resin Outer ERW Smls Carbon Steel Pipe

N.D.O.D.SCH 10SCH 30/40

Painted Epoxy Resin Outer ERW Smls Carbon Steel Pipe

Painted Epoxy Resin Outer ERW Smls Carbon Steel Pipe American standard PIPE

 Painted Epoxy Resin Outer ERW Smls Carbon Steel Pipe spot = ningde EN 10219 cold formed welded steel PIPE manufacturerFluid pipe is specially used for conveying media with fluid properties.Media with fluid properties, in addition to such liquid media as water, oil and solution, cement, grain, coal and other solid media, can also flow under certain conditions.Fluid tubes can be made from steel, nonferrous metals like copper and titanium, or even nonmetallic materials like plastic.The fluid tube must have a hollow section, but it can be square, triangular or any other shape. Some equipment is limited, so rectangular tubes must be used, but most of them are round tubes.The circular tube has the minimum girth/area ratio in all the geometric sections, that is, under the condition of using the same number of materials, the inner section of - can be obtained.Due to its low cost and high strength, steel pipe has been widely used in the fluid transportation in modern society.According to its production process, steel tubes are divided into seamless steel tubes and welded tubes, among which welded tubes are divided into high-frequency straight seam welded tubes (erw), spiral welded tubes (ssaw), submerged arc welded tubes (uoe), etc..

In the past, fluid pipe is traditionally used Painted Epoxy Resin Outer ERW Smls Carbon Steel Pipe, with the development of material science, molding technology, unit equipment, welded pipe has been a great development.Welded pipe has the advantages of better uniformity than seamless pipe wall thickness, high precision, less energy consumption, high production efficiency, high requirements for oil and gas transmission pipe (API standard), almost 100% used seamless pipe in the past, today in the United States, Japan, Europe developed countries, more than 95% have been replaced by welded pipe.When the welded pipe is used as a fluid conveying pipe, it has different requirements from ordinary steel pipes:1. Welding seam is not allowed to leak.For the welded pipes required by API, ultrasonic inspection and water pressure test are also required for the welding seam of each welded pipe.2, for the transport of corrosive chemical solution, all steel pipe must be anti-corrosion treatment of the inner wall;3. Internal burrs shall be removed from all fluid pipes to reduce fluid conveying resistance.

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