Tsingshan Holding Group And Huafon Group Jointly Invest And Build Overseasroduction Base

- Aug 29, 2019-

Tsingshan Holding Group and Huafon Group jointly invest and build overseasroduction base

OOn Auaust 27. Huafon Group Co. Ltd. and Tsinashan Holding Group Co. Ltd, signer the "going global" strategic cooperative agreement and plan to invest USD 3 billion to build a metallurgical and chemical production base that has world-class competitiveness in IndonesiaIt is said that Huafon Group and Tsingshan Holding Group will jointly invest and build an intearated recvcling economic proiect for coke and auxiliary facilities with the designed production canacity of 12 million tons per vear in Sulawesi Island Indonesia through the strategic cooperation: Sulawesi Island is rich in resources Construction of the proiect will be completed in phases. In the first phase, the proiect will be built to produce materials such as coke and semi coke that iron and steel industrv needs and use bv-products to produce nitric acid and LNG. In the second phase the proiect will use bv-product crude benzole to deenly develop new high molecular material At present Huafon Group and Tindshan Holding Group have organized professional teams to cooperate and implement the oreliminary work in order to ensure the landina of the proiect.

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