South Africa And Australia Have Launched Anti-dumping Investigations Into Chinese Steel Products

- Apr 22, 2019-

South Africa and Australia have launched anti-dumping investigations into Chinese steel products

Recently, the international trade commission of South Africa (ITAC) issued a notice, on the import of hexagon screws (customs tax code: 73181539) and other products safeguard case made a final ruling, decided to levy safeguard tax, the rate of 50.54%.For details of the case, please contact the China chamber of commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products:010-58280856, fax: 010-58280850.Related: South Africa launches safeguard investigation into imported screw and bolt productsOn March 1, the international trade commission in South Africa (on behalf of the southern African customs union - SACU member states including namibia, South Africa and Botswana, lesotho, Swaziland) announced that the screw bolt products to be imported (threadedfastenersofironorsteel: boltends&screwstuds screwstudding, andotherhexagonnutsofironorsteel (excludingthoseofstainlessSteelandthoseidentifiableforaircraft) safeguards investigation, product id number is 73181541731154 2731163.For details, please contact China chamber of commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, tel: 010-58280856, fax: 010-58280850.Australia has launched an anti-dumping investigation into Chinese Angle steel productsOn February 26, 2019, the Australian anti-dumping commission issued notice no. 209/26, announcing that it had initiated an anti-dumping investigation into SolidBaseAngle steel imports from China at the request of GalintelPtyLtd, a domestic company.The dumping investigation period in this case is the whole year of 2018, and the damage investigation period starts from January 1, 2015.According to the filing notice, the products under investigation are listed under items 7216.61.0057, 7228.70.0012, 7308.30.0007 and 7308.90.0064 in the Australian customs code system. The products involved do not include t-shaped steel, flat steel, perforated steel and hot-rolled steel.According to the investigation procedures published by the Australian side, relevant materials should be submitted by April 4, 2019.The preliminary finding is expected to be made 60 days after the initiation of the case and will be final on 17 June.

Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG) Co., Ltd

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Executive standard :DIN30670 DIN30678 CSA Z245 AFNOR nf49-710/711 NACE rp0394/0490 AWWAC 210/C213GB/T9711 API 5L ISO 3183Material: Q235B/Q355BGR A GR B x42-x80 l245-l555


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