Developments In Marcellus Infrastructure

- Feb 04, 2019-

Exports of propane and other NGLs are heating up on the US east coast this winter. Join us as we look at the large pipeline projects in the Marcellus shale region and examine the arbitrage between the US and Europe. 


With pipeline development to bring more NGLs to the export market, we discuss what will happen with domestic buyers who have low propane inventory.

Join us as we discuss:
  • Energy Transfer’s Mariner East 2 pipeline expansion and regulatory delays, which will add 250,000 b/d worth of takeaway capacity from the Marcellus into the export terminal at Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

  • Why midstream companies and producers in the region are securing railcar capacity

  • PADD1 propane inventory's 16pc below year-ago levels

  • The US-ARA closed arbitrage on paper for much of the summer,and how that's prompting US exporters to move LPG to Asia

Presented by Amy Strahan - LPG Exports Editor