Ansteel Plans To Entrust Ansteel Beijing Research Institute For Technologydevelopment

- Sep 23, 2019-

Ansteel plans to entrust Ansteel Beijing Research Institute for technologydevelopment

Ansteel announced on the evening of September 10 that the company has established nine technology development projects. However, as the company lacks of independent development conditions at present, it intends to entrust Ansteell Beijing Research Institute to carry out the projects with a total commission fee of 198 million yuan (about 27.83 million US dollars).The nine proiects include the testina and evaluation technoloav for service performance of marine steel. the development of high strenath steel products. and the develonment of new lioht steel Ansteel said that the successful research and development of the above proiects will greatly enhance the comnany's basic. R&D level maintain the companv's current leading edoe in the fields of steel for shipbuilding and marine engineering, and expand the company's leading ability in the field of new generation of new materials such as new energy vehicle and high-quality clad plate.

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