Asme SA106/SA53 Line Pipe

Product Name seamless steel line pipe
Product material Carbon Steel
Grade B.X42.X46.X52.X56.X60.X65.X70.
Usage For conveying gas, water and oil
either in the oil or natural gas industries.
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Product Details

Product Details

Q235 Cangzhou steel seamless pipe STM A53/ASTM Sa53 Seamless pipe size

Brief Introduction

Asme SA106/SA53 Line Pipe

Q235 Cangzhou steel seamless pipe STM A53/ASTM Sa53 Seamless pipe size

Productn Name

seamless steel line pipe

Product material

Carbon Steel






For conveying gas, water and oil either in the oil or natural gas industries.



Trade terms

FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, etc.


T/T, L/C, etc.

Delivery time

20 ~ 30 days after receipt of deposit, ASAP

Loading Port

TianJin port, China



Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe API 5L PSL1 & PSL2


ASTM Scope: 
This Standard specifies requirements for the manufacture of two product specification levels (PSL1 and PSL2) of steel pipes for use in pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries. This Standard is not applicable to cast pipe.

Product Knowledge:
This API specification is written so that the end user and the manufacturer can agree upon, and clearly understand, the properties and capabilities of the piping product being supplied. This specification is considered a national code, and is often stipulated as a national or state-level legal requirement, especially in the United States and in international waters or other countries where the projects are funded or insured by USA-based organizations.

API 5L also requires a monogram license for Manufacturer, and it maintains the Composite Index of approved Manufacturer. This means that, at the request of a potential manufacturer, API will send auditors to the mill to ensure that they have the capability to meet the requirements of the standard. This would be similar to a franchise, but API has no financial benefit from the mill, and does not accept any liability for the actions of the mill or the performance of the product.

API 5L does not have its own table of pipe dimensions. Rather, like the ASTM standards, it reverts to ASME B36.10 for the nominal pipe dimensions. Therefore, API 5L pipe products are often multi-certified to similar ASTM A53, A106 and A333 grades, where the requirements of all these specifications are met.

Rather than “re-invent the wheel”, ASME has recognized the widespread availability of API 5L product, and has adopted these grades for use in pressure piping (B31.X) applications. Note that API 5L piping products are not acceptable for use in ASME BPVC pressure vessels, unless they exceed the requirements of the engineering design and are approved by the local pressure vessel authority (just like for any other unlisted pipe specification).

In the API 5L specification, there are requirements for BOTH non-destructive testing and hydrotesting. Because this spec is often a legal requirement, neither the end-user nor the manufacturer is permitted to waive these requirements.

Special Annexes in API 5L further clarify requirements for sour service and off-shore applications.

The API 5L specification is generally more clear about the limits on dimensional deviations (end squareness, straightness of pipe, hockey-stick pipe, flared pipes), whereas the ASTM standards are more vague. As a result, the API 5L requirements are generally considered the basis for the mill tolerances, whether or not the API 5L spec was stated in the purchase order to the mill.

In the past, the API 5L spec was harmonized (published together) with ISO 3183. Due to world politics, the two agencies parted ways and the specs are no longer published together. Because the two document development committees share several common members, there has continued to be an undocumented harmonization of the two standards, so products can generally be multi-certified.

Basic Product Properties:
Grade L175 / A25:
175 MPa (25.4 ksi) YS
310 MPa (45.0 ksi) UTS

Grade L210 / A:
210 MPa (30.5 ksi) YS
335 MPa (48.6 ksi) UTS

Grade L245 / B:
245 MPa (35.5 ksi) YS
415 MPa (60.2 ksi) UTS

Grade L290 / X42:
290 MPa (42.1 ksi) YS
415 MPa (60.2 ksi) UTS

Grade L320 / X46:
320 MPa (46.4 ksi) YS
435 MPa (63.1 ksi) UTS

Grade L360 / X52:
360 MPa (52.2 ksi) YS
460 MPa (66.7 ksi) UTS

Grade L390 / X56:
390 MPa (56.6 ksi) YS
490 MPa (71.1 ksi) UTS

Grade L415 / X60:
415 MPa (60.2 ksi) YS
520 MPa (75.4 ksi) UTS

Grade L450 / X65:
450 MPa (65.3 ksi) YS
535 MPa (77.6 ksi) UTS

Grade L485 / X70:
485 MPa (70.3 ksi) YS
570 MPa (82.7 ksi) UTS

Product Specification Levels (PSL): PSL1: Not Impact Tested PSL2: For Grades ≤ L415 / X60
Impact Tested at 0°C (32°F)
to Meet Minimum 27J (20 ft-lb)
for ≤ 762mm OD (NPS 30),
or Minimum 40J (30 ft-lb)
for pipe > 762mm OD (NPS 30).

(Refer to API 5L for testing of
Grades > L415 / X60)
Weld Metal and HAZ to meet
Minimum 27J (20 ft-lb)
for pipe < 1422mm OD (NPS 56).


Product manufacturing process

The Workshop

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