N80 Oil Casing Seamless Steel Pipe

Standard2:API 5CT
Grade Group:API J55-API P110
Grade:API J55, API K55, API N80, API L80, API P110
Thickness:4.24 - 20.62 mm
Section Shape:Round
Outer Diameter(Round):63.32 - 630 mm
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Application:Oil Pipe
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Product Details

Product Details

API 5CT grade N80 steel casing tube has the same parameters as the N80 tubing. However, the thread of our product can be divided into buttress type, long round type, short round type, VAM type and others.

Brief Introduction

N80 Oil Casing Seamless Steel Pipe




N80, steel grade

 Outer Diameter:

4 1/2"-20", (114.3-508mm)

 Wall Thickness:


Form of Thread:

Buttress thread casing, Long round thread casing, Short round thread casing


Protects tubing pipe




Steel Grade


Pipe Body Mark

Color of Coupling



One red

Entire Coupling

Color Band



One red, one bright green







An overview                                                                                                       

(1) major oil casing importers are: Germany, Japan, Romania, Czech republic, Italy, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, the United States, Argentina, Singapore also have imports.

(2)API specifies three lengths: r-1 is 4.88-7.62m, r-2 is 7.62-10.36m, and r-3 is 10.36m-longer.

(3) some imported goods are marked with LTC, i.e., filament bushing.

(4) besides API standard, a small part of casing imported from Japan is in compliance with Japanese factory standard.

(5) in the case of claim, there have been appearance defects such as black buckle, thread damage, pipe body folding, broken buckle and thread tight pitch deviation, coupling J value deviation and internal quality problems such as casing embrittlement and low yield strength.


It is mainly used to support the well wall during drilling and after completion to ensure the drilling process and the normal operation of the whole well after completion.


Type and packing of oil casing: SY/ t6194-96 "oil casing" includes short thread casing and coupling and long thread casing and coupling.According to SY/ t6194-96, the homemade casing should be tied with steel wire or steel belt.The exposed thread of each sleeve and collar shall be protected by a guard ring.

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