Welded Steel Casing Pipe Rolled

OD Size 3mm-900mm
Wall thickness (W.T.) 2mm-53mm
Length 4.88m-7.62m or as customer’s requirements
International Standard ISO 9001-2008
W.T 5.21~26mm
Standard API 5CT, API 5DP,5E
Materials API J55, API K55, API L80, API N80,API P110,etc.
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Product Details

Product Details

Steel casing pipe is also known as encasement pipe as it is most commonly used to enclose or encase underground utility lines. This pipe can be used for horizontal or directional boring under streets, highways, driveways, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Brief Introduction

Welded Steel Casing Pipe Rolled

API P110 oil gas well casing water drilling casing pipe

API P110 oil gas well casing   water drilling casing pipe

OD Size


Wall thickness (W.T.)



4.88m-7.62m or   as customer’s requirements

International Standard

ISO 9001-2008




API J55, API   K55, API L80, API N80,API P110,etc.


In plain   ends or bevelled ends or as per customer's requirements





1.Packed in waterproof plastic bags

2.Big OD:in bulk

3.Small OD:packed by steel strips

4.According to the requirements of customers


BTC   (Buttress Thread Coupling),
STC (Stub(Short) Thread Connector),
LTC (Long Thread Connector)



 or no thread

Main market

Middle East,Africa, Asia and some European country and America   ,Australia

Country of origin

China Tianjin


2000 Metric Tons per Month

Surface Treatment

2PE,3PE,Black painted,anti-corrosion oil or as   per your requirement

Marking: as per   customer's requirement


With Hydraulic Testing, Eddy Current , Infrared Test



1.Payment terms :T/T ,L/C

2.Terms of trade :FOB ,CFR,CIF ,DDP,EXW

3.Minimum order :25 tons


What is Steel Casing:
Information About Steel Casing Pipe

he steel Suppliers   to meet All of your steel needs.



Pipe welding specification

  1. If it is standard, please download gb50236-2011 "site equipment, industrial pipe welding engineering construction specifications" from baidu or standard website.

2. The first chapter reads the pipeline construction drawings1. The design specification requires that the heating branch pipe shall not be less than DN20.2. General practice of heat preservation -- water supply: anti-condensation heat preservation, hot water: heat preservation, fire protection: no heat preservation, frozen water: even the valve needs heat preservation, cooling water: according to the design requirements, not required.The pipeline in general condole top all needs heat preservation.Water supply: dark application prevent condensation insulation;Ming fu through the entrance hall, bedroom and living room must do anti condensation insulation.Drainage: dark apply to prevent condensation insulation;The toilet seat must be open to the public.In addition to fire, spray pipe pipe pipe insulation.

3. Galvanized steel pipe connection: DN100 wire connection, >DN100 welding (anticorrosive), flange welding (secondary galvanized), a small number of screw flange connection.

4. The distance between the pipe skin and the wall is 25-50mm.

5. When the heating and drying pipe is connected with the riser, when the vertical pipe segment of the riser is less than 15m, two 90’s are adopted.Elbow, 3 90 for straight pipe >15m.Elbow.

6. During construction, the drainage pipe should be higher rather than lower, and the floor drain should be lower rather than higher.

7. Elevation regulation: indoor pipe is generally in the pipe, outdoor pipe drainage is in the bottom of the pipe, and water supply is in the top of the pipe.

8. The radiator should be coaxial with the window.

9. Gate valve: switch action, resistance coefficient 0.5;Globe valve: adjusting switch function, resistance coefficient 19.

10. The compensator is divided into: natural compensation, square expansion force, elbow, corrugated compensator, sleeve compensator, spherical expansion force, horny expansion force

Product manufacturing process

Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG)Co.,Ltd.

No.92 JieFang East Road ,Cangzhou City, Hebei,P.R.China.

 has more than eighteen years history company which located in Lecong Iron and Steel World, a well-known steel distribution center in China, with superior geographical position and convenient water and land transportation. 


We are a direct-selling manufacturer specializing in the research and development of oil casing  steel pipes, steel spiral pipes, anti-corrosion steel pipes inside and outside. Since its inception, the company has been guided by a brand-new thinking of steel pipe product market based on the business philosophy of honesty, pragmatism and knowledge-seeking.


Why to choose us?

1.We provide products to our customers individual specifications and special needs with competitive price and best service.

2. Immediate respond

We will be 24/7 on line at your services. Provide one-to-one service with our sincerity.

3. Professional suggestions

We could provide you the professional suggestion with our expertise acumen.

4. Short delivery period

We are based on a long-term cooperation with several major domestic steel company with an outstanding advantage is sufficient supply. Shorter the supplying period.







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