X70 steel tube wire ring peak welding process overview

- May 22, 2019-

X70 steel tube wire ring peak welding process overview

Since the large-scale adoption of X70 steel pipe in the west-east natural gas transmission project, a variety of welding process combinations have been tested in the field girth seam welding, mainly including the following two types

(1) cellulose electrode root welding with flux cored wire filling cover technologyThis process is generally used for all the mainline welding except the automatic welding adopted in the western part, which belongs to the semi-automatic welding method.

(2) automatic welding combinationAutomatic welding of roots and other passes by mixed gas shield.Due to the adoption of no liner welding root welding, so there is the use of multiple internal welding machine welding root welding, or the car crawling welding, or Lincoln STT technology welding root welding and other methods.History and characteristics of FCW self-shielded welding

Flux-cored wire self-shielded welding is a kind of FMCG or self-shielded welding method using flux-cored wire as welding material.

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