What is a dredging pipe?

- Dec 10, 2020-

What is a dredging pipe?

Large-diameter straight seam steel pipes can be used as dredging pipes , which are mainly used to clean steel pipes conveying sediment, mud and other mixed debris. Widely used in beaches, rivers, waterways, urban environmental protection, engineering construction and other fields, dredging to dredge, widen or digging deep waters and other waters, using manpower or machinery for underwater earthwork excavation, generalized dredging including water The artificial excavation is only applicable to small rivers that can be cut off by the blasting method. The manual construction is widely used for various types of dredgers, and sometimes used on land-based construction machinery such as rope shovel. Mechanical dredging begins with In 1600 , the prototype of a bucket-type dredger appeared in the construction of the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 1889 , China began construction with dredgers on the Huangpu River. In 1929 , the Jiangnan Shipyard caused a bucket-type dredger. 20 century 80 early years, China has in the excavation of approximately 3 mechanical ability billion cubic meters of dredging, dredging widely used: ① digging new waterways, ports and canals. ② Deep dredging, widening and cleaning up existing waterways and ports. 3 dredge the rivers, channels, and dredging of the reservoir. 4 Excavation of foundation pits for hydraulic structures such as docks, docks and ship locks. 5 Combine dredging to carry out landfilling, reclamation and other projects. 6 Clear underwater obstacles. What is dredging engineering .

Product Description
About  HDPE  Dredging Pipe
  Mainly used to clean pipelines that transport sediment, mud and other mixed debris. The purpose is to excavate the harbor basin, the inbound waterway, etc., to fill the land to build the dock, the port area and the port industrial zone, the coastal city land and entertainment and leisure land, the shore beach maintenance, the water conservancy and flood control, and the reservoir area dredging, rivers and rivers. Improvement of water environment such as lakes and seas, ecological restoration, construction and landfill of various underwater pipelines.   
Features of Wenyuan HDPE Dredge Pipe
1.Long lifespan, more than 50 years under normal condition. 2.Good corrosion resistance, resisting variety of chemical mediator. 3.Good crack growth resistance.   4.Little coefficient of friction and low flow resistance. 5.Excellent wear resistance, its wear resistance is 4 times higher than steel pipes under normal conditions. 6.Good solder ability, its interface strength is higher than the pipe body. 7.Good flexibility and anti-scratch ability.     8.Very high impact resistance. 9. The unique resistance to low temperature, workable at temperature - 40-60 ° c. 10. Light weight, 1/8 weight of steel pipe, easy for transportation and installation. 11. Flexible metal flange for connection, easy for installation and disassembly. 12. Smooth inner wall, easy for pipeline transportation.
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