What are the factors that affect the surface finish of stainless steel decorative tubes?

- Jan 12, 2021-

Commonly used stainless steel decorative tubes on the market are polished tubes with a surface that is bright. So what factors affect the polishing of the stainless steel decorative tube surface?

Let me talk about the polishing of the stainless steel tube. The surface of the stainless steel decorative tube that has just been produced is not bright, but there is a layer of black or gray oxide scale, which is difficult to dissolve. This layer of oxide scale not only affects the appearance of the surface, but also affects the performance of the stainless steel decorative tube, so it is necessary to polish the stainless steel decorative tube.

Stainless steel decorative tube

The main factors affecting the polishing of stainless steel decorative tubes are the following three points:

1. The surface of the stainless steel decorative tube is defective: for example, sand holes, scratches, pitting, etc.;

2, the raw material problem of stainless steel decorative pipe: For example, the hardness of the pipe is low, it is not easy to polish when it is soft, and it is easy to appear orange peel phenomenon;

3, polishing equipment and technology: no matter how perfect the stainless steel decorative tube itself, but if the polishing equipment and technology are not qualified, the good tube will also be thrown away.

The polishing process of the stainless steel decorative tube is actually the process of chipping the surface of the tube. The friction between the light material, the optical instrument and the surface of the tube is used to achieve the cutting of the surface of the tube, and the corresponding light surface is obtained. The polishing of stainless steel has the distinction of inner throwing and outer throwing. The existing outer polishing is performed by using a combination of different coarse-grained hemp wheels, grinding wheels, cloth wheel and the like to obtain a corresponding light surface. Internal polishing is performed by reciprocating or rotating motion inside the tube with various specifications of the grinding head to cut the inner surface of the tube.

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Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube.
Stainless steel pipe is an economical cross-section steel and an important product in the steel industry. It can be widely used in life decoration and industry. Many people on the market use it to make stair railings, window guards, railings, furniture, etc. Two common materials are 201 and 304.
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Stainless steel tube
ASTM A213, ASTM A312, ASTM A789, ASTM A790
Material Grade
Outer Diameter
≤12000mm or as per customer request 

a) Outer Diameter: +/-0.2mm
b) Thickness: +/- 10% OR as customer request
c) Length: +/- 10mm

Satin / Hairline: 180#, 320#
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Decoration (Processed into raillings, handrails, doors and Windows),
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Plastic bag/woven packing
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Product packaging
Normal package
Wooden case package
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Manufacturing Technique
Stainless steel welded pipe production process:
Raw martsriasilting-welding pipe-trimming-polishing-inspection (spray printing)-packaging-shipping (warehouse)
(decorative welded pipe). Raw material-litting-Welding pipe Heat treatment-Correction-Straightening-End trimming-
Pickling-Water pressure test-Inspection (printing)-Packaging-Shipping (warehouse) (Pipe for industrial piping of
welded pipe).

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