What are the factors affecting the price of 316l steel pipe?

- Oct 07, 2020-

  The 316L is a version in chrome steel tubing and is presently very precious in use and marketplace demand. People who regularly take note of the rate of chrome steel pipes will locate that the rate of chrome steel pipes fluctuates greatly, once in a while growing to exaggeration, and once in a while falling to the bottom. Only once we recognize the elements affecting the rate of chrome steel pipes are we able to be keenly privy to the fluctuations withinside the rate of chrome steel pipes and reply nicely in advance. So what's the rate of 316L metallic pipe?   

 1. Steel strip material:  Different metallic strip substances decide the first-rate of chrome steel, that is a primary thing affecting the rate of chrome steel.   For example, just like the greater not unusualplace 201, 304, 316 presently at the marketplace, the distinction in uncooked substances of those 3 substances is greater than 5,000 yuan according to ton.  

 2. Logistics expenses:  Different shipping places decide the distinction in transportation expenses. Long-distance transportation expenses ought to be 500 yuan according to ton, and short-distance transportation expenses ought to be approximately three hundred yuan according to ton.  

 3, mildew price:  Specifications are generally used, now no longer generally used, not unusualplace specs are rapid turnover, mildew sharing expenses are low. Because of the low utilization and excessive price sharing, a barely large set of shaped tubes for the manufacturing of pipe molds has a specification of approximately 6000-20000.  

 4, floor remedy differences:  floor remedy is commonly divided into polishing, drawing and drawing, the price is ready 1 yuan / 1 meter. If you throw it into the lens barrel, the price according to ton will boom via way of means of 3,000 yuan.  

 5. Whether it  consists of tax: The VAT price price tag consists of 17% tax, so this may additionally have an effect on its very last offer.  

 6, batch size:  a small variety of unmarried batch merchandise could have an effect at the unit rate.

Product Display

Hot rolled industrial stainless steel tube

Stainless steel seamless tube is a kind of steel with a hollow section and no joints around it.
The thicker the wall thickness of the product is, the more economical and practical it is. The thinner the wall thickness is, the higher the processing cost will be.
Its detection and shaping must be handled off-line. Therefore, it shows its superiority in high pressure, high strength and mechanical structure.

Cold rolled decorative stainless steel pipe

Welded steel pipe referred to as welded pipe, is made of steel plate or steel strip after the unit and mold after the welding of the steel pipe.
Stainless steel decorative pipe is also called stainless steel welded steel pipe, commonly used steel or steel strip after the unit and mold crimping welding made of steel pipe.
Welding steel tube production process is simple, production efficiency is high, variety specification is more, equipment is less, but general strength is lower than seamless steel tube.
Pipe Stainless Steel Wall China Technics Power Series Welding Color Din Casting Seamless Origin Oil

√ Decorated stainless steel square pipe / round pipe Industrial               √ Stainless steel coil pipe
√ Stainless steel square pipe / round pipe                                                   √ Stainless steel pipe fittings

Product Name
Customized Size 4 inches SS 316 316L Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Tube Sanitary Piping
Outer Diameter
Wall Thickness
6m ~ 12m as customer's requirement
Solution Pickling
a) Outer Diameter: +/- 0.2mm
b) Thickness: +/- 0.02mm
c) Length: +/- 5mm
Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
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Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG)Co.,Ltd.

No.92 JieFang East Road ,Cangzhou City, Hebei,P.R.China.

CSPG  has more than eighteen years history company which located in Lecong Iron and Steel World, a well-known steel distribution center in China, with superior geographical position and convenient water and land transportation. 

We are a direct-selling manufacturer specializing in the research and development of spiral steel pipes, steel spiral pipes, anti-corrosion steel pipes inside and outside. Since its inception, the company has been guided by a brand-new thinking of steel pipe product market based on the business philosophy of honesty, pragmatism and knowledge-seeking.

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A:We mainly do stainless steel plate/sheet, stainless steel coil//roll/strip, stainless steel pipe/tube, stainless steel profile,
stainless steel pipe fittings

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A: Generally it is 5-10 daysor15-20 days it is according to quantity.

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