The Main Factors Affecting The Quality Of Steel Pipes And Quality Control

- Aug 19, 2020-

There are important classes of things that have an effect on the pleasant of metallic pipes: metallic and rolling procedure elements.

Only the elements of the rolling procedure are mentioned here. The fundamental influencing elements are: temperature, procedure adjustment, device pleasant, procedure cooling and lubrication, and elimination and manage of particles at the floor of the rolled product.

(1) Temperature

Temperature is the maximum essential element affecting the pleasant of metallic pipes. First, the uniformity of the heating temperature of the tube clean at once impacts the uniform wall thickness and internal floor pleasant of the perforated capillary tube, after which impacts the wall thickness pleasant of the product. Secondly, the temperature and uniformity of the metallic tube at some stage in rolling (specifically the very last rolling temperature) are associated with the mechanical properties, outer diameter and different dimensional accuracy and floor pleasant of the goods introduced withinside the warm rolled state, specifically whilst the metallic billet or tube billet is overheated or maybe Overburning can purpose waste. Therefore, withinside the manufacturing procedure of warm-rolled seamless pipes, heating and controlling the deformation temperature strictly consistent with procedure necessities ought to be performed first.

(2) Process adjustment

The procedure adjustment and the pleasant of labor particularly have an effect on the geometry and look pleasant of the metallic pipe.

For example, the adjustment of the punching device and the pipe rolling device impacts the wall thickness accuracy of the product, and the adjustment of the sizing device is associated with the outer diameter accuracy and straightness of the product. In addition, the procedure adjustment additionally impacts whether or not the rolling procedure may be accomplished normally.

(3) Tool pleasant

The pleasant of the device is right or bad, and whether or not it's miles strong or now no longer is at once associated with the powerful manage of the dimensional accuracy and floor pleasant of the product and the intake of the device; The 2d is to have an effect on middle rod intake and manufacturing costs.

(4) Process cooling and lubrication

The cooling pleasant of the perforated head and roll now no longer best impacts its life, however additionally impacts the inner and outside floor pleasant manage of the completed product. The cooling and lubricating pleasant of the middle rod first impacts the internal floor pleasant, wall thickness accuracy and middle rod intake of the metallic pipe; on the identical time, it'll additionally have an effect on the weight at some stage in rolling.

(5) Removal and manage of particles at the floor of rolled products

This refers back to the well timed and powerful elimination of iron oxide scales at the internal and outer surfaces of capillaries and waste pipes and the manage of re-oxidation earlier than rolling deformation. Nitrogen blowing and borax spraying at the internal hollow of the capillary tube, excessive-stress water descaling at the doorway of the rolled tube and the fixed (reduced) diameter can efficiently enhance and enhance the inner and outside floor pleasant.

In short, the elements that have an effect on the pleasant of metallic pipes are multifaceted, and frequently a aggregate of numerous elements. Therefore, the above-noted fundamental influencing elements ought to be efficiently managed. Only on this manner can the pleasant of metallic pipes be managed and warm-rolled seamless metallic pipes with excessive dimensional accuracy, suitable overall performance and suitable pleasant produced.