the anticorrosive treatment of the bend with different bending angles can be applied

- Apr 20, 2019-

Because the heater moves along with the radial direction of the bend, the anticorrosive treatment of the bend with different bending angles can be applied.The powder spraying stand vibrates radially as the elbow moves, so it can be applied to the anticorrosive treatment of the elbow with different bending angles.Due to the uniform distribution of powder qiang in the circumferential direction of the elbow and uniform oscillation of the motor drive in the circumferential direction of the tube body, the fused epoxy powder anticorrosion is added for the continuity and thickness uniformity of the coating, which is suitable for the surface coating of two-layer epoxy anticorrosion structure.Moderate, curing time, coating is bright and clean level off, good appearance under the lifting transportation, trench backfill, through the scratch resistance of pipeline construction performance outstanding adhesion and mechanical and physical properties, especially suitable for crossing pipeline anticorrosion excellent cathodic disbonding resistance and corrosion resistance of cathodic protection is good compatibility between fusion bonded epoxy powder anticorrosive oil, natural gas, bittern, air conditioning, heating, hot water, such as the ideal pipe.Petroleum, chemical, power plants, residential or office district central heating and cooling supplies.The product USES polyurethane with good thermal insulation effect as the insulation layer, and high-density polyethylene with anti-ultraviolet material as the protective layer. The applicable medium temperature ranges from 105 degrees to minus 30 degrees, with a loss of 1 degree per kilometer and a service life of more than 50 years.