SMLS Carbon pipe

- Apr 17, 2019-

SMLS Carbon pipe

A, deviation: in the production process, because the actual size is difficult to meet the nominal size requirements, that is, often greater than or less than the nominal size, so the standard stipulates that there is A difference between the actual size and the nominal size allowed.If the difference is positive, the deviation is positive; if the difference is negative, the deviation is negative.B. Tolerance: the sum of the absolute values of positive and negative deviations specified in the standard is called tolerance, or "tolerance zone".Deviation is directional, that is, "positive" or "negative";Tolerances are non-directional, so it is a mistake to call the deviation a "positive tolerance" or a "negative tolerance".The length of deliveryThe delivery length is also called the length required by the user or the contract length.The standard has the following provisions for the delivery length:A, normal length (also known as non-fixed length) : where the length is within the length range specified by the standard and there is no fixed length requirement, it is called the normal length.For example, the standard provisions for structural pipes: hot rolled (extrusion, expansion) steel pipe 3000mm ~ 12000mm;

Cold drawn (rolled) steel tube 2000mmm ~ 10500mm.B. Fixed length: the fixed length shall be within the normal length range and shall be a certain fixed length size required in the contract.However, it is impossible to cut out the absolute length of fixed length in practice. Therefore, the allowable positive deviation is specified in the standard.Take the standard of structural pipe as:The rate of finished product of fixed-length pipe is much lower than that of normal length pipe.The range of mark-up varies from company to company, generally 10% or so on the basis of the base price.C. double length: the double length shall be within the normal length range, and the contract shall indicate the single length and the multiple of the total length (e.g., 3000mm 3, i.e., 3 multiples of 3000mm, with a total length of 9000mm).In practical operation, the allowable positive deviation of 20mm shall be added on the basis of the total length, and the margin of incision shall be left for each single ruler length.Take the structural pipe as an example, it is required to leave a margin of incision: the outer diameter 159mm is 5 ~ 10mm;The outer diameter of >159mm is 10 ~ 15mm.If there is no double length deviation and cutting allowance in the standard, it shall be negotiated by both parties and indicated in the contract.The length of the double ruler is the same as the length of the fixed ruler, which will greatly reduce the rate of finished products for the production enterprises. Therefore, it is reasonable for the production enterprises to raise the price. The price increase range is basically the same as the length of the fixed ruler.

D. Range length: the range length is within the normal range. When the user requires a certain fixed range length, it shall be indicated in the contract.For example: usually the length is 3000 ~ 12000mm, but the range fixed length is 6000 ~ 8000mm or 8000 ~ 10000mm.It can be seen that the range length is looser than the fixed length and the double length, but it is much stricter than the usual length, which will also reduce the rate of finished products for the production enterprises.Because this produces an enterprise to put forward, raise price is reasonable, its raise price range is in commonly base price rises price about 4%.

Product Description
ST52 / ST35 / ST42 / ST45
X42 / X46 / X52 / X60 / X65 / X70
Q215 / Q235 / Q345
ISO 3183
ASTM A 53M / ASTM A 106M
DIN1626 / DIN1630 / DIN2444 
Black paint / Varnish / Oil / Galvanized
Pipe Length
Fixed length,random length or as required
Pipe End
Plain ends, Beveled ends
Fluid pipe / Oil pipe / Gas pipe / Structure pipe / Boiler tubes
Special design available according to requirement

Main Features

1) No cracks and internal defects. 

2) Straightness. 

3) Without burrs or drops. 

4) Smooth surface, no scratches. 

5) No welding seam, high strength, strong bearing ability.

Packing & Delivery

Packaging & Shipping:

1) In bundle with steel strips; 
2) First packing by plastic bag then strips; 
3) In bulk 
4)Client' requirements 

 1) less than 5.85m ,20ft container 
 2) more than 5.85m ,less than 11.8m, 40ft container

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Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG) Co., Ltd

Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG) Co., Ltd. is a large-sized, key metallurgic enterprise of Hebei Province in North China, whose history dates back to 1994. CSPG currently em/paces six member companies with products varying from SSAW, LSAW, ERW, seamless steel pipes to 3PE pipes, galvanized pipes, casing pipes, etc. A Joint-stock corporation, CSPG occupies an area of 600,000 square meters with a total asset of $530 million.

Specialized in the production of straight welded pipe spiral pipe galvanized pipe 3PE/3PP/FBE/TPEP internal and external epoxy powder internal and external epoxy resin cement mortar two cloth three oil buried pipeline IPN8710 non-toxic drinking water internal and external plastic coated lining plastic and other anti-corrosion pipe fittings for oil and gas pipeline water conservancy projects

Executive standard :DIN30670 DIN30678 CSA Z245 AFNOR nf49-710/711 NACE rp0394/0490 AWWAC 210/C213GB/T9711 API 5L ISO 3183Material: Q235B/Q355BGR A GR B x42-x80 l245-l555


Business scope: 21.3mm-3620mmLSAW submerged arc welded pipe 325-2020mmERW straight welded pipe 6mm-711mmSMLS seamless tube 10-1120mmSSAW spiral steel tube 219-3620mmDemand for quality suppliers and partners.

s45c  black carbon seamless pipe




 Packing :Bundles, in bulk, bags, standard seaworthy package

 Delivery:   Container or bulk carrier Within 7-10 workdays after receiving deposit or L/C

s45c  black carbon seamless pipe


s45c  black carbon seamless pipe