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Screens enjoy decades of problem-solving success.

Having a history of providing efficient and long lasting products that will work in a variety of situations; we offer a combination of economy, innovation and flexibility to provide a wide variety of industrial screen solutions. Our engineering staff is fully capable of precision design to ensure that each requirement is met.

Now with our broadened line of screen products you can specify the perfect, most cost-effective screen no matter how challenging your application or process.

Custom designed and engineered

Each project is specifically designed to ensure complete satisfaction. We provide guidance and support from project concept to completion.

Longer lasting

LongZhongLong screens, whose manufacturing standards are the most stringent in the industry, are extremely durable and have high resistance to abrasion, corrosion and impact damage.

Lower maintenance

The rugged construction and high quality of materials make possible a product that lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Less costly

Superior operating efficiency, extended service life and reduced maintenance needs combine to reduce the tube cost of LongZhongLong screens to plant operators.

Screen Pipe

LongZhongLong (Johnson type) screens, the first choice of industrials

  • Architects specify LongZhongLong screens for column and wall covers, grating floor, light fixtures, sun screens and various decorative applications.

  • Different kinds and specifications of screens are used in motor-pumped wells and geothermal wells.

  • LongZhongLong screens are used on food processors because they are heat and corrosion resistant and make it easier for FDA approval.

  • Matting plant operators find our flat panel screens provide a more thorough mixing during the turning phase, and better ventilation in the kilning phrase.

  • Pulp and paper plants use our screens in the wood yard, paper machines, recycling, dewatering, debris removal, fiber fractionalization, dry, water purification and other process.

  • LongZhongLong screens are also applied in mineral processors, refiners, waste water treatment and water supply systems.

LongZhongLong screens – versatile durable

LongZhongLong screen are most often custom products installed in centrifuges or similar machines. They can be designed as screen liners to be installed in existing frameworks or they can be built with integral support structures. In some applications such as pulp and paper and mineral processing, they need to be particularly strong to resist the high centrifugal stresses and temperatures. They also require exception abrasion resistance. In other applications, such as sugar processing, greater importance may be placed on close-tolerance and fine-slat design. In all cases, our design engineers seek out the optimum combination or strength, capacity and wear life to help you increase your throughout at the lowest cost.

Screen Pipe

LongZhongLong cylindrical screens

With sectional construction, we have built screens up to 2.6m in diameter and 16m long. Each LongZhongLong screen can be up to 5.9m in continuous length. A wide range of external wrap wire and internal support rod shapes and sizes lets our design engineers build you a screen that’s the perfect fit for your application. Our screen cylinders are used for a variety of filtration, media retention and dewatering applications. Screens slots are sized to admit fluid flow while excluding solids. With such packing materials as gravels filled into the space between their outer and inner, double repacked screens, mainly used in oil wells, gas wells and water wells. Will make down hole operation unnecessary and better sand prevention which is an advanced sand control technology. Catalysts for microbicides packed in the inner layers of screens contribute to chemical production and industrial sterilization.

Welded cylindrical screens

The constructions correspond with the following drawings respectively

Screen Pipe

  • standard construction

  • axial wire construction

  • internal circumferential wire construction

  • inverted wire construction

Our welded cylindrical screens can be categorized as designed with the media retention surface either on the outside or inside of the screen.

  • Standard construction features external circumferential wire internal support rods.

  • Axial wire construction produces vertical slots allowing filter materials to move up and down without abrading the individual grains.

  • Channel rod construction users perforated channels as the internal support elements and flow control surface. When used as a collector, flow is outside in; as a distributor, flow is inside out.

  • Internal circumferential wire construction uses external support rods to creates an unobstructed internal screen face.

  • Internal axial wire construction creates long, parallel slot, in vertical applications, media can move up and down with abrading. In horizontal rotating applications, flow moves across the wire edges for efficient dewatering.

  • Inverted wire construction presents the wire face to the cylinder interior and uses internal support rods.

Cage tubing

Free throw gravel material special screen used in high standards of geothermal wells.

For the gap screen, in order to filter from the inside out, wire surface can be reversed with supporting bar in the pipe, and most surface wire can be combined like this way.

The recoiled wire surface

The diameter of the gap screen can achieve 426mm, and slot width is variable.

Continuous support cylinder screen

By using a large number of supporting bars, an axial slot can be generated. These filter elements has been described as a continuous support cylindrical screen. Minimum slot width: 0.1mm.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Technical Data
NameWidthHeightSection AreaRelief Angle
Wire NumberProfile WidthProfile HeightWire NumberProfile WidthProfile HeightWire NumberProfile WidthProfile Height
1870.1720.219Dimensions are based upon a specified opening.
Larger opening can be obtained for each respective wire size by the use of spacers between each wire.
Screen Pipe
Screen Pipe

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