Mild Steel Seamless Carbon Pipe

- Apr 17, 2019-

(1) the importance of structure significant industrial building structure, giant span structure, high-rise or super high-rise civil building structure or alternative necessary structures, ought to contemplate the choice of fine quality seamless steel pipe, for the final industrial and civil building structure, is selected  in keeping with the character of the work of standard quality seamless steel pipe.(2) for structures directly bearing dynamic masses and structures in sturdy seismal areas, seamless steel tubes with smart comprehensive performance ought to be selected;Generally, the structure bearing static load will select seamless steel tube with cheaper price.(3) attachment method of affiliation technique can turn out welding deformation, attachment stress and alternative welding defects, which can result in cracks or brittle fracture of the structure.Therefore, the attachment structure of the fabric needs ought to be strict.(4) the temperature and surroundings of the structure, seamless steel tube in vasoconstrictor is simple to cold brittle, therefore within the vasoconstrictor operating structure, particularly the attachment structure, ought to select with smart vasoconstrictor brittle fracture resistance of killed steel.In addition, the open structure of city seamless steel pipe is simple to supply aging, harmful medium result of seamless steel pipe is simple to corrosion, fatigue and fracture, ought to even be selected  totally differentiate|to tell apart} different materials.(5) too seamless steel tube thickness, skinny seamless steel tube rolled again and again, rolling compression quantitative relation is giant, giant thickness of seamless steel tube compression quantitative relation is tiny, that the thickness of the exactness steel tube isn't solely little strength, however additionally plastic, impact toughness and attachment performance is poor.Therefore, the thick attachment structure ought to be made from seamless steel tube with higher material

Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG) Co., Ltd

Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG) Co., Ltd. is a large-sized, key metallurgic enterprise of Hebei Province in North China, whose history dates back to 1994. CSPG currently em/paces six member companies with products varying from SSAW, LSAW, ERW, seamless steel pipes to 3PE pipes, galvanized pipes, casing pipes, etc. A Joint-stock corporation, CSPG occupies an area of 600,000 square meters with a total asset of $530 million.

Specialized in the production of straight welded pipe spiral pipe galvanized pipe 3PE/3PP/FBE/TPEP internal and external epoxy powder internal and external epoxy resin cement mortar two cloth three oil buried pipeline IPN8710 non-toxic drinking water internal and external plastic coated lining plastic and other anti-corrosion pipe fittings for oil and gas pipeline water conservancy projects

Executive standard :DIN30670 DIN30678 CSA Z245 AFNOR nf49-710/711 NACE rp0394/0490 AWWAC 210/C213GB/T9711 API 5L ISO 3183Material: Q235B/Q355BGR A GR B x42-x80 l245-l555


Business scope: 21.3mm-3620mmLSAW submerged arc welded pipe 325-2020mmERW straight welded pipe 6mm-711mmSMLS seamless tube 10-1120mmSSAW spiral steel tube 219-3620mmDemand for quality suppliers and partners


outer diameter(inch)

  wall thickness                    


1/2   (21.3mm)

std(2.77mm), sch40(2.77mm), xs(3.73mm), sch80(3.73mm)

  6000, 12000

3/4  (26.7mm)

std(2.87mm), sch40(2.87mm), xs(3.91mm),sch80(3.91mm)

6000,  12000

1     (33.4mm)

std(3.38mm), sch40(3.38mm), xs(4.55mm), sch80(4.55mm)


1 1/4 (42.2mm)

std(3.56mm), sch40(3.56mm), xs(4.85mm), sch80(4.85mm)

6000,   12000

1 1/2  (48.3mm)

 std(3.68mm), sch40(3.68mm), xs(5.08mm), sch80(5.08mm)

6000,   12000

2        (60.3mm)

std(3.91mm), sch40(3.91mm), xs(5.54mm), sch80(5.54mm)

6000,   12000

2 1/2  (73mm)

std(5.16mm), sch40(5.16mm), xs(7.01mm), sch80(7.01mm)

6000,   12000

3       (88.9mm)

std(5.49mm), sch40(5.49mm), xs(7.62mm), sch80(7.62mm)

6000,   12000

3 1/2  (101.6mm)

std(5.74mm), sch40(5.74mm), xs(8.08mm), sch80(8.08mm)

6000,   12000

4       (114.3mm)

std(6.02mm), sch40(6.02mm), xs(8.56mm), sch80(8.56mm)

6000,   12000

5      (141.3mm)

std(6.55mm), sch40(6.55mm), xs(9.53mm), sch80(9.53mm)

6000,   12000

6     (168.3mm)

std(7.11mm), sch40(7.11mm), xs(10.97mm), sch80(10.97mm)

6000,   12000

8     (219.1mm)

std(8.18mm), sch40(8.18mm), xs(12.7mm), sch80(12.7mm)

6000,   12000

10   (273mm)

std(9.27mm), sch40(9.27mm), xs(12.7mm), sch80(15.09mm)

6000,   12000

12  (323.9mm)

std(9.53mm), sch40(10.31mm), xs(12.7mm), sch80(17.48mm)

6000,    12000

14  (355.6mm)

std(9.53mm), sch40(11.13mm), xs(12.7mm), sch80(19.05mm)

6000,    12000

16  (406.4mm)

std(9.53mm), sch40(12.7mm), xs(12.7mm), sch80(21.44mm)

6000,    12000

18   (457.2mm)

std(9.53mm), sch40(14.27mm), xs(12.7mm), sch80(23.83mm)

6000,    12000

20    (508mm)

std(9.53mm), sch40(15.09mm), xs(12.7mm), sch80(26.19mm)

6000,    12000

22    (558.8mm)

std(9.53mm), xs(12.7mm), sch80(28.58mm)

6000,    12000

24     (609.6mm)

std(9.53mm),sch40(17.48mm),  xs(12.7mm), sch80(30.96mm)

6000,    12000

26     (660.4mm)

std(9.53mm), xs(12.7mm)

6000,    12000

28      (711.2mm)

std(9.53mm), xs(12.7mm)

6000,    12000

30      (762mm)

std(9.53mm), xs(12.7mm)