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- straight seam Submerged Arc attachment pipe (longitudinally SubmergeLSAWd Arc attachment, shorthand for LSAW),Straight seam submerged arc attachment pipe (LSAW) is made by victimisation single medium thick plate as material, forming plate into tube blank in mould or forming machine by medium pressure (coil), adopting double-sided submerged arc attachment and enlarging.

The product encompasses a wide selection of specifications, smart toughness, plasticity, uniformity and compactness of attachment seams, and has benefits of enormous pipe diameter, thick wall, high resistance, cold resistance and powerful corrosion resistance.In the construction of high strength, high toughness and top quality long-distance oil and gas pipelines, most of the steel pipes needed are large-caliber thick wall straight seam submerged arc attachment pipes.In accordance with API standards, within the giant oil and gas pipeline, 

when passing through the high-cold zone, seabed, urban densely inhabited areas and alternative class one and sophistication two areas, the straight seam submerged arc attachment pipe is that the solely selected applicable pipe sort.According to completely different molding strategies, it may be divided into:UOE pipe welding: when the sting of the sheet steel is pre-bent, u-forming, o-forming, internal attachment, external attachment, mechanical cold increasing and alternative processes; JCOE welded pipe: i.e., press "j-c-o-e" to pre-weld, form and cold enlarge when welding; HME welded pipe: it's fashioned by rolling spindle in accordance with "c-c-o" method, welded so cold expanded .

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Product Description 

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 Packaging Details:

      1. Small OD: In hexagonal bundle with steel strips 
     2. Large OD: In bulk 
    3. Wrapped in waterproof plastic woven bag 
    4. Filled in wooden cases
    5. As required
   Delivery Detail:Shipped in 7-15 days after payment  

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