knowledge of stainless steel pipe

- Nov 04, 2020-

1. The blessings of the usage of thin-walled stainless-steel pipes  

  The emergence of the press-match connection creation technique for thin-walled stainless-steel pipes is precisely what happened. This technique has apparent blessings in phrases of labor, machinery, materials, etc., and is appropriate for massive promotion.

2. Features  

2.1 The production time is substantially shortened    

      After the pipe is inserted into the pipe becoming, press it with a unique urgent device, and the relationship may be finished in an instant. There isn't anyt any want for complex threading operations for the duration of threaded connection, and no want for pre-processing and post-processing operations for the duration of welding, and the general value of pipeline production is substantially reduced.    

2.2 Does now no longer require professional workers   

     Thread connection or welding connection calls for professional technicians, even as the compression pipe fittings collection use unique compression tools. As lengthy as you take note of the development essentials, every person can perform and make certain uniform quality.    2.three Do now no longer use hearthplace source  

    The pipeline production webweb page does now no longer use hearthplace sources, and the development protection overall performance is substantially improved.   

  2.four Clean production   

  No reducing fluid or different add-ons for threaded connection, and no want for a chain of fluxes for welding connection. Therefore, there's no want to remember the numerous results of those additives.  

 2.five piping light-weight  

  Because the chrome steel pipe is thin-walled, it has a big waft charge in comparison with different pipe types, and the light-weight gain of piping for extremely good high-upward push homes is specially obvious. 

  3.Scope of application  

    is appropriate for bloodless water, warm water, ingesting water and smooth water pipelines of numerous civil homes.  

  5.2.three The look and joints of pipes and pipe fittings ought to be cautiously inspected, and dust and impurities on pipe fittings and pipes ought to be eliminated in time.    five.three Pipe laying  


5.3.1 When the pipeline is uncovered, it ought to be mounted after the civil engineering is finished. Before installation, take a look at whether or not the placement of the reserved hollow is accurate.  

5.3.2 The distance among the thin-walled chrome steel pipe solving brackets ought to now no longer be more than 15m, and the gap among the new water pipe solving brackets ought to be decided in step with the thermal growth of the pipeline and the allowable reimbursement of growth joints. The constant assist ought to be set on the variable diameter, branch, interface and each aspects of the bearing wall and ground slab.  

5.3.4 Plastic pipe clamps may be used while putting in pipes with a nominal diameter of now no longer extra than 25mm. When steel pipe clamps or hangers are used, plastic tape or rubber ought to be used among the steel pipe clamps or hangers and the pipe.  

5.3.5 Metal pipe clamps or hangers ought to be used to restore the water hydrants and water distribution points; the pipe clamps or hangers ought to be set at 40~80mm farfar from the fittings.  

5.3.6 For uncovered pipes, the gap among the outer wall and the ornamental wall: 40mm while the task diameter is 10-25mm, and 50mm while the task diameter is 32-65mm.  

5.3.7 When the pipeline passes thru the ground slab, a casing pipe ought to be mounted. The casing pipe ought to be 50mm better than the floor and roof, and strict water-resistant measures ought to be taken.  

5.3.8 For hid pipelines, strain take a look at and reputation facts of hid works will be made earlier than sealing. After the strain take a look at is qualified, it may be full of cement mortar.     five.three.nine No axial bending or twisting will be allowed while the pipeline is laid, and no compelled correction will be made while passing thru a wall or ground. When it's far parallel to different pipelines, the safety distance ought to be reserved in step with the layout requirements. When the layout isn't specified, the clean distance ought to now no longer be much less than 100mm. When the pipelines are parallel, the thin-walled chrome steel pipe withinside the pipe trench ought to be organized at the internal facet of the galvanized metallic pipe.  

   B. When inserting, please slowly insert the joint frame in a immediately line. If the pipe is inserted obliquely and reluctantly, it is simple to motive harm to the sealing ring.  

  C. If the insertion is just too tight, water may be stained at the pipe. Grease isn't allowed to lubricate, a good way to save you the grease from degeneration and failure of the sealing ring.  

5.3.5 compression connection  

   Make certain that the groove of the clamping jaw is located at the arc sticking out a part of the joint frame and clamped in location.  

  A. Please reconfirm that the mark is inside 2mm from the quit of the pipe earlier than urgent.  

   B. When urgent, press the urgent device till the strain is released. Insufficient clamping strain is the motive of joint leakage and decrease overall performance. If there's any slack withinside the clamped location, press it once more on the authentic clamped location.  

   C. The threaded pipe fittings ought to be tightened with the ribs first after which clamped to save you the clamped joints from loosening because of the screwing of the ribs.  

   D. When the piping is bent, please accurate it on the immediately pipe element, now no longer on the pipe becoming element, in any other case it could motive the clamping element to loosen and motive leakage.  

  5.4.6 Compression take a look at  

   Use a unique gauge to test whether or not the size are in location after urgent to save you terrible production. Check the clamping length cautiously. When the gauge can not be placed into the clamping location, it ought to be clamped once more or reduce off and reinstalled.