Inspection, packing, marking and quality certificate of steel pipes

- Feb 11, 2019-

This standard specifies the acceptance, packaging, marking and quality specification of steel tubes (both seamless and welded).When there are special provisions in the product standards, the provisions of the product standards shall be followed.1.1 the quality inspection and acceptance of steel pipes shall be conducted by the supplier's technical quality supervision department.1.2 the supplier must ensure that the delivered steel pipes meet the relevant product standards.The buyer shall have the right to inspect and accept the products according to the relevant product standards.1.3 the steel pipes shall be submitted for acceptance in batches, and the batch rules shall conform to the relevant product standards.1.4 the inspection items, sampling quantity, sampling position and test method of steel pipes shall be in accordance with the relevant product standards.With the consent of the buyer, the hot rolled seamless steel tube can be sampled in batch according to the rolling root array.1.5 as for the steel pipe test results, if a certain item does not meet the requirements of product standards, the unqualified ones shall be singled out, and double quantity of samples shall be taken from the same batch of steel pipes for reinspection of the unqualified items.If the reinspection results (including any index required by the test of the project) are unqualified, the steel pipes shall not be delivered.The following inspection items are not allowed to be reinspected if they fail the initial inspection: a. there are white spots in low-power organizations;B. microstructure.1.6 for the steel pipes whose re-inspection results are unqualified (including the unqualified microstructure of the preliminary inspection results, and the re-inspection is not allowed), the supplier can submit them for acceptance one by one;Or re-heat treatment (re-heat treatment times shall not exceed two times), with a new batch of proposed acceptance.1.7 if no special provisions are made in the product standard, the chemical composition of the steel pipe shall be checked and accepted according to the smelting composition.2.1.1 the steel tubes are generally delivered in bundled packages.Each bundle shall be steel tubes of the same batch number (except those permitted and approved by product standards).Each bundle of steel tubes shall not exceed 5000kg.Steel pipe with outer diameter of 159mm or section circumference of 500mm can be delivered in bulk.As agreed by both parties, the weight of each bundle of steel tubes can exceed 5000kg, or can be delivered in small packages.2.1.2 the form of steel pipe strapping package is shown in figure 1, figure 2, figure 3 and figure the bundled steel pipes shall be securely tied with steel bands or wires.2.1.4 the number of binding channels for each bundle of steel pipes shall conform to the provisions in table 1.Table 1 length of each bundle of steel tubes, the minimum number of binding channels m is no more than 3, 2 >, 3 but no more than 4.5, 3 >, 4.5 but no more than 7, 4 >, 7 but no more than 10, 5 >, 10, 6 2.1.5 one end of the bundle of steel tubes should be placed neatly.Short length steel pipe shall be delivered separately bundled and packed.For steel tubes of fixed length (or times of length), the non-fixed length (or times of length) steel tubes shall be packed separately.2.1.6 according to the requirements of the buyer, the steel tube surface can be coated with a protective layer (except as stipulated in 2.1.9, 2.1.10, 2.2.1, 2.2.2 and 2.2.3).The protective coating shall be of anticorrosive material.Consider that it is easy to apply and easy to remove.Protective coating materials are recommended using the materials shown in table 2.The selection of protective coating is at the supplier's discretion.Table 2 types of coating layer of coating layer of the method of mesh type A - by soluble anti-rust agent in oil soft protective agent of cold spray, brush or protection of steel pipe in the short term (indoor storage is not more than three months) no corrosion, no rust preservation period C - hard anhydrous varnish, resin or plastic steel tube cold spray, dip or brush coating is no more than six months in transportation and outdoor storage is not corrosion type D - dissolved in solvent medium soft membrane protectant cold spray, dip or brush protect specified length steel tube edge 2.1.7 every car rebar tube, at the end of the pipe joint should be screwed.The threads and machined surfaces of steel pipes and their joints must be coated with anti-rust oil or other anti-rust agents.At the end of the pipe and in the joint, should be screwed on the wire guard ring.Welded steel tubes for low - pressure fluid conveyances, without screw - retainer.Welded steel tubes (including galvanized welded steel tubes) for low pressure fluid transport with nominal diameter not less than 65mm May be screwed with wire guard rings.2.1.8 according to the requirements of the buyer, both ends of the steel pipe can be covered with plastic protective sleeve.2.1.9 cold-drawn or cold-rolled stainless steel tubes with a wall thickness of more than 1.5mm shall be tightly wrapped with no less than 2 layers of gunny cloth or plastic cloth and bound with steel belt or steel wire (naked binding is also allowed with the consent of the buyer).The maximum weight per bale is 2000kg.2.1.10 for polished steel tubes and steel tubes with surface roughness requirements, anti-rust oil or other anti-rust agents shall be applied on the inner and outer surfaces.Then with moisture-proof paper and then use the gunny bag cloth or plastic cloth, in turn wrapped, steel or steel tied.The maximum weight per bale is 2000kg.2.2.1 cold-drawn or cold-rolled seamless steel tubes with wall thickness not greater than 1.5mm, electric welded steel tubes with wall thickness not greater than 1mm, hot-rolled stainless steel tubes with surface polishing, precision steel tubes with surface roughness Ra not greater than 3.2 m, shall be packed in sturdy containers such as iron boxes and wooden boxes.2.2.2 the weight of the packed container shall conform to the provisions in table 3.The weight of each container may be increased by mutual agreement of the buyer and the seller.Table 3 maximum weight of each container of steel tube type, kg steel tube with outer diameter of not less than 20mm and section circumference of not less than 65mm special-shaped steel tube and tube 2000 with outer diameter of not less than 20mm and section circumference of not less than 65mm special-shaped steel tube and tube 1500The container should be tight and impervious to water.The outside of the container shall be fastened with steel belt or double wire or other methods.2.2.4 when the pipe joints are shipped separately, they should be loaded into the dissolver.The maximum weight of each container is 200kg.2.3 special packaging requirements for steel pipes shall be agreed by the supplier and the supplier.3 marks 3.1 steel tubes with an outer diameter of not less than 36mm and a section circumference of not less than 150mm shall have a printing, sealing, rolling, steel printing or paste mark at the end of one end of each steel tube.Mark should be clear and obvious, not easy to fall off.The mark shall include the steel mark, product specification, production standard number and the supplier mark or registered trademark.Alloy steel pipe shall be marked with furnace number and batch number after the steel brand number.The pipe joints of geological and petroleum steel pipes shall be marked with grade or grade.Steel pipe with left thread shall be marked "left" after the standard number.Welded steel tubes and galvanized welded steel tubes, wire bushing, electric welded steel tubes for general purposes, welded steel tubes with special sections, and seamless steel tubes with complex sections for low pressure fluid transport.3.2 steel tubes with an outer diameter of less than 36mm and a section circumference of less than 150mm shall not be imprinted.3.3 each bundle of steel tubes packed in bales shall be hung with no less than 2 labels (one label can be hung if there are marks on each tube).The label shall indicate: mark of the supplier or registered trademark, brand number of steel (unless the product standard does not stipulate delivery as furnace number), batch number, contract number, product regulation, product standard number, weight or number of roots, date of manufacture and mark of the technical supervision department of the supplier.3.4 a label shall be attached to the steel pipe and pipe joints packed in the container.A label shall also be hung on the outer end of the container.The contents on the label shall comply with the provisions of if there is any requirement for increase or decrease of steel pipe marks, it shall be specified in the product standard or agreed by the supplier and the supplier.4.1 each batch of steel tubes delivered shall be accompanied by a quality manual that conforms to the order contract and product standards.4.2 the quality certificate shall be sealed by the technical department of the supplier.If the buyer has a factory inspector, it should also be stamped or signed.4.3 the quality certificate shall have the following contents: a. name or stamp of the supplier;B. Name of the buyer;C. delivery date;D. contract number;E. Product standard number;F. Steel grades;G. Pot number, batch number, delivery status, weight (or number of roots) and number of pieces;H. Variety name, specification and quality grade;I. Inspection results (including reference indicators) specified in product standards;J. Marks of technical supervision department.


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