- Aug 19, 2020-

Impact longevity is a mirrored image of the resistance of steel to outside effect loads. It is normally expressed through effect longevity (ak) and effect power (Ak), and its devices are J / cm2 and J (Joule). The effect longevity or effect power check (cited as "effect check") is split into 3 types: everyday temperature, low temperature and excessive temperature effect checks because of one of a kind check temperatures; consistent with the form of the pattern notch, it could be divided into "V" notch and "U" Two kinds of notched effect check.

Impact check: A specimen of a sure length  (with a "U" or "V" notch withinside the center of the period direction, a notch intensity of 2mm) is impacted on the desired check device Experiment of breaking from notch below load effect.

A. Impact absorption paintings Akv (u)-the paintings absorbed through a steel sample with a sure length and form while it's miles damaged below the effect load. The unit is Joule (J) or Kgf.m. B. Impact longevity price akv (u)-the quotient received through dividing the effect absorption paintings through the cross-sectional region of the lowest of the pattern notch. The unit is Joules / cm2 (J / cm2) or kilogram-force. Meter / cm2 (Kgf.m / cm2).