Identification Method Of Steel Tube

- Aug 19, 2020-

As the principle metal pipe, metal pipe is broadly utilized in our day by day life. The transportation of petroleum and herbal gas, the development of constructing shape network, the manufacture of dual carriageway bridges and different fields, it could be stated that the metal pipe now no longer handiest reduces the load of the stent, Steel Pipe shop the constructing substances, however additionally make it increasingly simple.

Steel tube, because the call implies, is product of metal pipe, usually used A3 metal, appropriate for conveying water, compressed gas, condensed water and different media and used as heating pipe. At present, the not unusualplace pipe withinside the marketplace especially includes metal pipe and seamless metal pipe.

through cloth

Steel pipe excellent (i.e. metal) may be divided into: Carbon tube and alloy tube, Steel Pipe stainless-steel pipe.

Carbon tube may be divided into normal carbon metal pipe and excessive excellent carbon shape pipe.

Alloy tube may be divided into: low alloy tube, alloy shape pipe, excessive alloy pipe, excessive-energy pipe. Bearing tubes, heat-resistant acid-evidence pipe, precision alloy (together with slicing alloy) tubes and excessive-temperature alloy tubes.

Type through connection

The pipe ends may be divided into types: Light tube (pipe quit with out thread) and vehicle twine pipe (with thread in pipe quit).

Car twine tube is split into: not unusualplace vehicle twine and pipe quit thickening vehicle twine.

Thickened vehicle twine tube may be divided into: outside thickening (with outside thread), inner thickening (with inner thread) and inner and outside thickening (with inner and outside thread), Steel Pipe together with vehicle twine pipe.

If the screw thread kind also can be divided into: normal cylindrical or conical thread and unique thread, together with vehicle twine pipe.

In addition, in step with consumer needs, Steel Pipe the automobile twine pipe is commonly ready with pipe joint delivery.

through coating traits

The floor coating traits of metal tube may be divided into: clarinet (now no longer lined) and lined tube.

Steel pipe Identification

1. The shoddy metal tube without difficulty seems folds. Folding is a sort of line fashioned at the floor of the metal tube, which frequently runs thru the longitudinal of the product. Steel Pipe The reason of the folding is because of the pursuit of excessive performance of shoddy producers, the quantity of strain beneathneath the big, the manufacturing of Rzi, Steel Pipe the following rolling at the manufacturing of folding, folding merchandise will crack after bending, the energy of the metal is significantly reduced.

2. The look of shoddy metal pipe frequently has percent phenomenon. The Pock is a disorder withinside the choppy floor irregularities because of the abrasion of the grooves withinside the metal. Because of shoddy metal pipe producers to pursue profits, Steel Pipe frequently rolling trough rolling the maximum standard.

3. The floor of shoddy metal pipe without difficulty produces scar. The motives are points: (1). Shoddy metal pipe cloth isn't always uniform, many impurities. (2). Shoddy substances producers manual gadget is simple, clean to paste metal, those impurities chunk human beings roll after clean to supply scar. 

4. Steel Pipe Fake and shoddy cloth floor liable to crack, due to the fact its billet is Adobe, Adobe pores, adobe withinside the method of cooling because of the function of thermal stress, ensuing in cracks, after rolling there are cracks. 

5. Shoddy metal pipe clean to scrape, due to the fact shoddy metal pipe manufacturing unit gadget, clean to supply burrs, scratches the floor of metal. Steel Pipe Deep scratches lessen the energy of the metal. 

6. Shoddy metal pipe with out steel luster, faded pink or just like the colour of pig iron, for 2.2, its billet is Adobe. 2, shoddy rolling temperature isn't always standard, their metal temperature is thru visible inspection, in order that can't be targeted withinside the Austenite location for rolling, the overall performance of metal is certainly not able to satisfy the standards. 

7. Shoddy metal pipe skinny and low, frequently seem packed with dissatisfaction, Steel Pipe the motive is that producers to attain a big bad tolerance, the primary few strains of the product beneathneath the strain of big, iron-kind small, hole-kind packed with dissatisfaction. 

8. Shoddy metal pipe cross-segment oval, the motive is the producers so that it will shop substances, completed roll earlier than the strain of the aspect of the extent is big, the energy of this thread of metal is significantly reduced, however additionally does now no longer meet the usual rebar form size. 

9. High-excellent metal components uniform, bloodless shearing system tonnage excessive, slicing head clean and neat, and shoddy substances because of negative excellent, slicing the quit of the face will frequently have the phenomenon of meat, this is choppy, Steel Pipe and no steel luster. And due to shoddy merchandise producers reduce less, head and tail will seem huge Rzi.

SSAW pipe welding

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Spiral Pipe Projects

Application of SSAW welding steel pipe

What we can do with SSAW welding steel pipe? 

Spiral seam double surface submerged arc steel pipes are used widely in many field,such as fluid,petroleum and natrual gas transportation.Also there are some STANDARDS of PRODUCTS.

• API Spec 5L Line pipeand steel pipe standard;

• BG/T 9711.1-1997 Delivery of petroleum and natrual gasindustrial transportation steel pipe Technical conditions Part 1 Grade-A Steel Pipe;

• GB/T 9711.2-1999 Delivery of petroleum and natrual gasindustrial transportation steel pipe Technical conditions Part 1 Grade-B Steel Pipe;

• SY/T5037-2000 Spiral submerged are welding steel pipe forlow-pressure fluid deliverypipe.

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2. Sea Water pipeline

3. slurry pipeline

4. Piling

5. Oil Pipeline

6. Oil Pipeline






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