Field weldability of spiral welded pipe

- Oct 29, 2018-

The weldability of the positioning is especially determined by the fabric of the steel pipe and also the dimensional tolerance of the port.

Considering the wants for the installation and construction of steel pipes, the consistency of the steel pipe process and also the consistency of the geometrical dimensions are significantly vital.

Spiral welded pipe production could be a continuous continuous method that's essentially stable beneath identical operating conditions: the straight seam welded pipe production process is segmental, as well as whole plate / indenter / preroll / spot fastening / welding / finishing / cluster pairing Multiple method steps. this is often a vital feature of spiral welded pipe production that's completely different from the assembly of straight welded pipe.

Stable production conditions are terribly convenient for fastening internal control and geometric size assurance. because of the regularity of the spiral welded pipe and also the even distribution of the weld, the spiral steel pipe features a excellent oblateness and finish face perpendicularity with regard to the straight welded pipe, that ensures the accuracy of the try alignment of the on-the-spot steel pipe fastening cluster.

API ERW Carbon Steel Pipes Standard related to Grade:

Outer Diameter : 88.9mm—660.4mm
Thickness  : 3mm–22mm
Length  : 3m–20m
Standard  : BS EN 10219, EN 10217, EN10224, ASTM A53, A106, API, JIS G3444, and GB/T3091, GB/T9711
Grade  : S235-S355, L235-L355, P195-P460, GR. A, GR. B, X42 ~ X70, J55, STK400, STK500,SS400, Q195, Q215, Q235, and Q345,

1Casing PipesAPI 5CTH40,K55,
For oil-gas well casing 
2Line PipesAPI  5LA, B–X70
For the pipeline transportation of oil and natural gas

Welded Steel Tubes 

For Pressure Purposes

Welded Steel Tubes For Pressure Purposes

Straight seam high-frequency welded pipe (ERW) is divided into two types of induction welding and contact welding according to different welding methods. Hot-rolled wide-gauge steel coil is used as raw material, after pre-bending, continuous forming, welding, heat treatment, sizing, straightening, Cutting and other processes, compared with spiral welded pipe with a short weld, high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness, surface quality, high pressure, but the disadvantage is that only small and medium diameter thin-walled pipe, the weld is easy to produce gray spots , unfused, pitted corrosion defects. At present, the most widely used areas are urban gas and crude oil product transportation.

When the spiral submerged arc welded pipe (SSAW) is a coiled steel pipe, its advancing direction has a forming angle (adjustable) with the centerline of the forming pipe, and the edge is welded while forming. The welding seam is a spiral line. The advantage is that the same specification steel strip can be produced. A variety of diameters of steel pipe, raw material to adapt to a larger range, the weld can avoid the main stress, the force is better, the disadvantage is that the geometric size is poor, the weld length is longer than the straight seam pipe, easy to produce cracks, pores, Slag inclusion, welding deviation and other welding defects, the tensile stress of the welding stress. The design specifications for general oil and gas transmission pipelines stipulate that spiral submerged arc welded pipe can only be used in Class 3 and Class 4 areas. After the improvement of this process in foreign countries, the raw material is changed to a steel plate, so that the forming and welding are separated. After pre-welding and fine boring, after the cold expansion of welding, the welding quality is close to the UOE pipe. At present, there is no such process in China. It is a spiral pipe in China. The direction of plant improvement. The spiral pipe used in the “West-to-East Gas Transmission” is still produced according to the traditional process, but the pipe end has been expanded. The United States, Japan, and Germany generally deny SSAW and believe that SSAW should not be used in trunk lines; SSAW is used in Canada and Italy, and SSAW is used in small quantities in Russia. Both of them have very strict supplementary conditions. Due to historical reasons, the majority of domestic trunk lines still use SSAW. .


SSAW Corrosion Resistant Pipe


Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG) Co., Ltd. is a large-sized, key metallurgic enterprise of Hebei Province in North China, whose history dates back to 1994. CSPG currently em/paces six member companies with products varying from SSAW, LSAW, ERW, seamless steel pipes to 3PE pipes, galvanized pipes, casing pipes, etc. A Joint-stock corporation, CSPG occupies an area of 600,000 square meters with a total asset of $530 million.

Specialized in the production of straight welded pipe spiral pipe galvanized pipe 3PE/3PP/FBE/TPEP internal and external epoxy powder internal and external epoxy resin cement mortar two cloth three oil buried pipeline IPN8710 non-toxic drinking water internal and external plastic coated lining plastic and other anti-corrosion pipe fittings for oil and gas pipeline water conservancy projects

Executive standard :DIN30670 DIN30678 CSA Z245 AFNOR nf49-710/711 NACE rp0394/0490 AWWAC 210/C213GB/T9711 API 5L ISO 3183Material: Q235B/Q355BGR A GR B x42-x80 l245-l555


Business scope: 21.3mm-3620mmLSAW submerged arc welded pipe 325-2020mmERW straight welded pipe 6mm-711mmSMLS seamless tube 10-1120mmSSAW spiral steel tube 219-3620mmDemand for quality suppliers and partners


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