Development and application of centralized air purification system in pipe welding workshop

- Jan 30, 2019-


With the fast development of China's economy, environmental issues are progressively distinguished and have bit by bit become the most factors limiting the property development of enterprises.Internationally, environmental problems became a vital a part of international conventions and even become a tool for developed countries to limit market access and promote non-trade barriers.In China, thanks to historical and economic reasons, environmental factors became the first reason for activity diseases. The hindrance and treatment of activity diseases and also the quickly developing economic level aren't appropriate enough. activity diseases became a significant public health and social downside in China.In accordance with the international and domestic conditions and development trends, China has raised environmental protection to associate degree unexampled level, adopted and developed a series of environmental standards, reinforced direction and management of enterprises, abandoned the recent observe of "development 1st, governance later", and enforced new measures of "three simultaneous" and "digestion whereas developing".We will decisively shut, stop, merge, transfer and relocate enterprises that have long been found to be seriously polluting the surroundings.

Significance of developing air purification system

At present, there are five sets of spiral submerged arc fastening pipe production units within the headquarters of huayu steel pipe co., LTD., with an annual production capability of quite thirty x ten spoons.Submerged arc fastening and plasma cutting are 2 necessary processes in steel pipe production. within the method of fastening and cutting, an oversized quantity of smoke and dirt are generated.According to the activity, within the peak production amount, the workshop pollution index can reach quite three hundred, and solely the fastening and cutting section of the primary branch of China oil & steel pipe co., LTDThree to 5 kilograms of suspended particles are made in 3 days.The negative impact of significant environmental pollution is especially mirrored in: (1) harm to the physical and mental state of workers, so the value of physical examination, health care, and then on increase;(2) erosion of kit (such as Lincoln artisan, etc.), leading to shortened service lifetime of instrumentality, and even have an effect on the production;(3) affect the electrical system, leading to the distribution cupboard switch, contactor and different heating, inflicting electrical failure;(4) it's troublesome to with success through the national environmental protection department watching, and will even be associated with the punishment;(5) harm the enterprise smart image, weakened the soft aggressiveness of the enterprise. supported the higher than reasons, the corporate determined to take a position the corresponding human resources, material resources and money resources to develop a brand new style of environmental protection, energy saving, economic and economical mud removal system.

2. Development of centralized air purification system

2.1 choice of schemes

Although there are several principles and strategies for mud removal, it's rough to seek out a cost-effective and economical manner for giant production workshops, particularly those with a lot of pollution sources, advanced pollution conditions and significant pollution levels.

The second branch of huayu steel pipe co., ltd. has been adopting ventilated  mud removal, that is, putting in axial flow fans on the walls of the workshop with serious pollution to discharge smoke, mud and different pollutants from the workshop.This kind of mud removal technique is easy economy, however there's a definite defect: (1) solely appropriate for closed loosely between the car;(2) only suitable for mud pollution concentration;(3) dust removal potency isn't high, the purification rate is merely regarding 40%;(4) mud removal isn't complete, though scale back the pollution within the workshop, however the pollution outside the workshop, will solely be considered pollution transfer, cannot be considered an entire treatment.

Obviously, this type of ventilated  mud removal technique isn't appropriate for a branch plant that is closed tightly and has several pollution sources.After comprehensive analysis, and combined with the particular production of a branch plant, set to adopt the centralized purification system.The rule of the centralized purification system is to make a negative pressure within it, and suck away the jiong dust and suspended particles within the t-position of the key smoke and dirt in the workshop through the pipe, and use the economical filtration technique to separate the harmful substances from the air, thus on succeed the aim of purifying the air.The separated mud is collected through the gathering box for centralized safety treatment.

2.2 choice of suction recess of centrifugal fan

The suction recess of the centrifugal fan is divided into at bay drum kind, round shape drum kind and curve type, as shown in figure l.The suction population has the operate of gas assortment, which might directly extract gas within the surroundings and build the air flow equally into the system.Considering that the workshop area of our company is giant, the quantity of air to be dedusted is giant, and also the suction potency needed is high, the curved  suction population with the minimum air loss is chosen, however the assembly method of this suction population is comparatively advanced.

2.3 design of articulated suction arm


The suction arm consists of a parallelogram strut supported by an internal spring, a pvc-coated fiberglass tube and an internal spiral wire with five joints.The suction hood with throttle valve can be 360.Rotation, so that the suction arm can be extended to the length of its arm to any position, and can be automatically fixed in a certain state of position to absorb harmful fog and dust, no longer need other auxiliary facilities.The air suction hood is provided with a handle and a rotary throttle valve with adjustable air volume, making it convenient to use.The suction hood can be placed in the optimal absorption position regardless of the state of the smoke. The on-site use photos of the suction arm are shown in figure 2. The length of the suction arm is 2-4 m, and the actual length can be determined according to the actual location of the dust generation station.

2.4 design of suction hood


The suction hood is equipped with a rotary throttle valve with a convenient handle and adjustable air volume, which can follow the suction arm 360.Rotation, easy to use and flexible.Whether the welding tee is located on the side or behind the suction arm, the suction cover can be placed in the optimal absorption position.

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