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Bridge slot display screen have bridge beginning organized in rows and are staggered to lessen the bad impact at the display screen's energy. Typically the slots are punched in a flat sheet this is in the end rolled right into a tube and welded. Regarded because the exceptional desire of properly tube filter, they're broadly implemented in a lot of fields withinside the advanced countries. According to our after-sale offerings and the software enjoy at domestic and abroad, the blessings of bridge slot displays. When as compared with different sorts of displays, may be indexed as follows:

  • High energy via resistance to twisting, compressive, and tensile forces. A clean bore that doesn't hinder the passage of probes, tools, etc.

  • The unique shape of the slot makes it hard for debris to get caught withinside the slot, as a result making improvements to its discharge capacity.

  • The unique bridge slots of displays assist enhancing their mechanic energy.

  • Application of anticorrosive coasting will lengthen the span elevate of wells.

  • Slots and the diameter of bridge slot displays may be custom made to meet your needs.

  • Convenient to function because of numerous connecting techniques among displays.

  • Lighter in weight and decrease in price.

Open Area of LongZhongLong Screens

Open Area of LongZhongLong Screens

The main specification

Nominal diameter (mm)146159219273325377426529
Wall thickness55656568568568568678
Coupling outside diameter146160162220226274278278325328329377378379426428432529530531

Selection of slot size

Aquifer classificationgravelRough sandMedium sandFine sandMealy sand
Screening results (mm)1-2.50.5-10.25-0.50.1-0.250.1-0.25
Bridge slots (mm)31.5-2110.75
Filling gravel spec (mm)4-202-82-32-32-3
Filling gravel thickness (mm)75-100100100-200100-200100-200

Mechanical property

Nominal diameter (mm)159219273325377426529
Wall thickness5656568568568568678
Tensile strength (KN)23027032039040049065348057076056067089363076010487829441296
Critical Collapse Strength (N/cm2)5206903404501702303061362032701281832449213520390136186

Slot sizes and open area

Wall thickness568
Bridge lateral spacing12.751516
Bridge longitudinal spacing45.505262

Choice Of Material and Anticorrosive Coating Of Bridge Slot Screens

Choice Of Material and Anticorrosive Coating Of Bridge Slot Screens
  • In the normal direction of events, we select galvanized or lined Q235(A3) carbon metal of stainless metal.

  • Anti-corrosive coating and anti rust coating are to be had according with the necessities of customers.

Precautions When Laying the Screens

  • Checking the intensity of screens.

  • Preventing screens from colliding with hard substances.

  • Laying screens slowly and evenly.

Suspensory Screen-laying Methods

Suspensory Screen-laying Methods
  • 1- Steel Wire Ropes

  • 2- Linking Sheaths

  • 3- Casing plywood

  • 4- Slot screen

  • 5- Square Lumber

Optimum Exploitation Flow

  • Bridge sloth screens increase its flow to three to nice times, when compared with other kinds of screens with the same slot width, diameter and length.

  • LongZhonglong Scenes

  • Bridge slot screens

  • Strip slot screen

Lower Water Price

Water wells, when using bridge slot screens, can easily adjust themselves to aquifer and are regarded as a profitable mode of obtaining water:

  • Reducing the water velocity (V1>V2)

  • Reduction of pressure fall

  • Reduction of the head Loss (R1>R2)

  • Higher flow rate (HMT1>HMT2)

  • No sand in the water

  • Prolonging the life span of pumps

Adopt the suspensory screen-laying method.

  • Carefully check whether screens become deformed before laying them down, and adjust them when necessary.

  • Default slurry before laying down screens with the proportion of less than 1.2T/M3, otherwise, the blocking of slots will produce great pressure difference inside and outside the screens, leading to the possibility of deformation. Similarly, the use of nylon net will cause the deformation, therefore great pressure difference should be avoided.

  • Lay down screens steadily. If not smoothly, adjust the angle of screens and check whether they are deformed as a result of blocking before trying again. If screens cannot be lain down on account of blocking, forcibly trying should be forbidden.

  • Generally, compressors are used to flush wells, when pistons are necessary, operating pistons should be careful in case of the deformation of screens as a result of great pressure difference caused by the violent operation of pistons.

No clogging Water-carrying Section

Special construction of bridge slot screens make it possible to keep grains of sand it or screens, thus changing the direction of water flow and lessen its resistance.

Bridge Slotted Screen Pipe
Bridge Slotted Screen Pipe

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