Bearing capacity of thick wall Longigudinally Submerged Arc Welding steel pipe

- Jan 29, 2019-

Bearing capability of thick wall Longigudinally Submerged Arc fastening steel pipe

The production method of large-diameter straight seam steel pipe is represented as follows:

1.Board inspection: when the plate accustomed build large-caliber submerged arc fastening straight seam steel pipe enters the assembly line, supersonic examination of the complete board surface shall be disbursed first;

2. Edge edge: milling the 2 sides of the plate through the sting shaping machine to realize the specified plate dimension, plate edge correspondence and groove shape;

3. Pre-bending edge: use the pre-bending machine to pre-bend the sting of the plate, so the sting of the plate has the specified curvature;

4, molding: within the JCO molding machine are the primary half the pre-bending plate when many steps through the stamping, ironed into a "J" form, then the opposite half the plate is additionally bent, ironed into a "C" form, finally type AN open "O" shape;

5. Pre-welding: the straight seam steel tube when forming is closed and used gas secure fastening (MAG) for continuous welding;

6. Internal fastening: vertical multi-wire submerged arc welding (up to four wires) is adopted for welding on the within of straight seam steel pipe;

7. External fastening: vertical multi-wire submerged arc welding is adopted to conduct welding on the surface of straight seam submerged arc welding steel pipe;

8. supersonic examination I: 100 percent inspection of the inner and outer welds of straight welded pipes and also the base metal on either side of the welds

9. X ray examination I: 100 percent X ray industrial TV inspection is disbursed on the interior and external fastening seams, and also the image process system is adopted to confirm the sensitivity of flaw detection;

10. Diameter enlargement: the complete length of arc-welded straight steel pipe is enlarged to boost the dimensional accuracy of steel pipe and also the distribution state of internal stress of steel pipe;

11. Water pressure take a look at: the steel pipe when increasing is tested one by one on the water pressure test machine to confirm that the steel pipe meets the quality test pressure. The machine has the operate of automatic recording and storage.

12. Chamfering: machining the pipe ends of the pipe when passing the examination to succeed in the specified size of the pipe ends;

13. supersonic examination II: ultrasonic inspection shall be disbursed one by one to visualize the potential defects within the production of straight welded steel tubes when diameter enlargement and hydraulic pressure;

14. X-ray examination II: X-ray industrial tv inspection and tube finish fastening seam photographing shall be conducted on the steel tubes when diameter enlargement and water pressure test;

15. Magnetic particle examination of pipe end: conduct this inspection to seek out defects of pipe end;

16. Anticorrosion and coating: qualified steel pipes shall be anticorrosion and coating in step with user needs

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Large Diameter Hydropower Penstock API 5L Spiral Welded Steel Pipe /PlateLarge Diameter Hydropower Penstock API 5L Spiral Welded Steel Pipe /Plate


Large Diameter Hydropower Penstock API 5L Spiral Welded Steel Pipe /Plate


Packing 1.In Bulk
2.Standard Packing(several pieces packed in bundle)
3.As per your request
Container Size

20ft GP:5898mm(L)x2352mm(W)x2393mm(H) 24-26CBM

40ft GP:12032mm(L)x2352mm(W)x2393mm(H) 54CBM

40ft HC:12032mm(L)x2352mm(W)x2698mm(H) 68CBM

Transportation By Container or By Bulk Vessel

Large Diameter Hydropower Penstock API 5L Spiral Welded Steel Pipe /Plate