ASTM A106 Grade B Seamless Carbon Pipe

- Jan 19, 2021-

As we know ASTM A106 Grade B pipe is one of the most popular seamless steel pipes applied in different industries. Not only in pipeline systems like oil and gas, water, mineral slurry transmission, but also for boiler, construction, structural purposes.

So what is ASTM A106 Grade B pipe and why it is required so a large quantities in different industrial activities?

As below we will introduce all the details for ASTM A106 B pipe from different aspects.

Standard definition
Material specification
Standards referred for making A106 pipes
Grade types
Chemical composition
Mechanical Strength
A Specific order description

ASTM A106 Standard Specification
ASTM A106 is the standard specification for seamless carbon steel pipe applied for high temperature services.

Here you could find ASTM A106 standard specification in PDF.

ASTM A106 Grade B Seamless Pipe Dimensions Schedule
The standard covers pipe sizes in NPS (National Standard Straight) from 1/8 inch to 48 inch (10.3mm DN6 – 1219mm DN1200), meanwhile complied the nominal wall thickness of the standard ASME B 36.10M. For other sizes out of the ASME B 36.10M is also allowed to use this standard specification.

Raw materials
The materials used for ASTM A106 standard specification shall be applicable for bending, flanging, or the similar forming processes. In case the steel material is to be welded, the welding process supposed to be suitable for this grade of ASTM A106, and applicable for the high temperature working environment.

Where there is a superior or a higher grade for the ASTM A106 steel pipe is required, the standard has a optional specification for the supplementary requirements, for the pipes that used this standard. More over, these supplementary specification asked for the additional test, when the order is to be placed.

Standards referred for making ASTM A106 pipes
References ASTM standards:

a. ASTM A530/ A530M This is the standard specification for the common requirements of the carbon, and alloy pipes.
b. E213 The standard for the Ultrasonic Examination test
c. E309 The standard for the Eddy Current examination test

d. E381 The standard for the plan of Macroetch test, for the steel products the steel bars, steel billets, blooms, and forging steels.
e. E570 The standard for the test plan for the flux leakage test of the ferromagnetic steel pipe and pipeline products.
f. Related ASME Standard:

g. ASME B 36.10M The nominal sizes standard specification for the welded and seamless steel pipe.
h. Related Military standard:
i. MIL-STD-129 The standard for the markings of shipment and storage.

j. MIL-STD-163 The standard for the storage and shipment for the steel forging products.
k. Related federal standard:
l. Fed. Std. No. 123 The standard for the civil agencies for the marking and shipments.

m. Fed. Std. No. 183 The standard specification for the continuous ID marking for steel products
n. Surface standard:
o. SSPC-SP 6 The standard specification for the surface.

Grade B Seamless Pipe
ASTM A106 standard specifications for the seamless steel pipe have three grades, that is ASTM A106 Gr. A, Grade. B and C, with the higher grade material, the strength performance is better.

Test Methods
The test methods for the ASTM A106 A, B, C are the flattening tests, hydrostatic test, nondestructive electric test, Ultrasonic test, eddy current test, flux leakage test, these test procedures shall be notified or discussed with client to confirm what kind of test will be applied.

Chemical composition and Mechanical Strength
ASTM A106 Grade B and A pipe chemical composition

astm a106 b chemical composition

Chemical composition in %

Carbon (C) Max For Grade A 0.25, For Grade B 0.30, Grade C 0.35
Manganese (Mn): 0.27-0.93, 0.29-1.06
Sulfur (S) Max: ≤ 0.035
Phosphorus (P) : ≤ 0.035
Silicon (Si) Min : ≥0.10
Chrome (Cr): ≤ 0.40
Copper (Cu): ≤ 0.40
Molybdenum (Mo): ≤ 0.15
Nickel (Ni): ≤ 0.40
Vanadium (V): ≤ 0.08

Please note:
For each reduction of 0.01% for maximum carbon element, an increase of 0.06% manganese above the specified value shall be permitted, and up to maximum of 1.35%.
Elements Cr, Cu, Mo, Ni, V combined shall not exceed 1%.

ASTM A106 Grade B Tensile Strength and Yield Strength

astm a106 b mechanical properties tensile and yield strength

Elongation formula:
In 2 in. [50mm], shall be calculated by: e = 625 000 A^0.2 / U^0.9
For inch-pound Units, e = 1940 A^0.2 / U^0.9

Explanations of e, A, and U, please find here. (Equation same with ASTM A53, API 5L pipe.)

Tensile Strength, min, psi [MPa] Grade A 48,000 [330], Grade B 60,000 [415], Grade C 70,000 [485]
Yield Strength minimum at psi [MPa] Grade A 30,000 [205], B 35,000 [240], C 40,000 [275]

Elongation in 2 in (50mm), minimum percentage % ,
For all small sizes tested in full section, basic minimum elongation transverse trip tests: Grade A Longitudinal 35, Transverse 25; B 30, 16.5; C 30, 16.5;
In case standard round 2 inch gage length test sample is used, above values are: Grade A 28, 20; B 22, 12; C 20, 12.

Our Supply Range for Sale
Octalsupplied ASTM A106 Grade A, Grade B, Grade C seamless carbon steel pipes as below conditions:

Standard: ASTM A106, Nace, Sour service.
Grade: A, B, C
Range of OD outer diameter: NPS 1/8 inch to NPS 20 inch, 10.13mm to 1219mm
Range of WT wall thickness: SCH 10, SCH 20, SCH STD, SCH 40, SCH 80, to SCH160, SCHXX; 1.24mm up to 1 inch, 25.4mm
Range of length: 20ft to 40ft, 5.8m to 13m, single random lengths of 16 to 22ft, 4.8 to 6.7m, double random length with average 35ft 10.7m
Ends procession: Plain end, beveled, threaded

Coating: Black paint, varnished, epoxy coating, polyethylene coating, FBE and 3PE, CRA Clad and Lined.

Product Overview

Seamless Steel Pipes for Project Service

We professionally supplies all kinds of steel seamless pipes with OD up to1778 mm and WT up to 80mm, and many kinds of pipes can be supplied from the stock with short delivery time. Our company have builted a good business releation with Chinese famous Seamless Steel Pipes Manufacturers.
Size Range: 1/2" - 70"
Thickness Range: 2 - 80mm
Standard: ASTM A53/A106/API 5L
Main Steel Materiall and Grade: ASTM A53/A106/API 5L Gr B
Application: Conveying water, petroleum, gas and other common fluids.
Product packaging


Above 6" : In loosen, both pipes end cover by plastic caps or steel protectors.
Galv pipes: Outside cover by water-proof bags.


6”and below: In bundles, both pipes end cover by plastic caps.

Pipes Discharging in Seaport

All pipes will be loaded and un-loaded  properly from the truck to the site with the equipment as picture.

Delivered by Bulk Vessel

If the order quantity is large or the length more than 12 Meter, we can book the bulk vessel to save the container charges.

Delivered by Containers

If the length of pipes is less than 12 Meter, we can ship out by containers.
And stuffed by Long-arm Fork to aviod any damage to the pipes.