Analysis on the characteristics of large size casing quick joint

- Aug 30, 2019-

It is time consuming and laborious to use the traditional screw connector to take over the drilling riser.In order to improve the riser operation time saving cost, quick joint arises at the historic moment, circlip type quick connector has changed the traditional thread connection, the male female connector directly inserted into the way of fast connection, when the combination to the fixed position, spring as the main connection of male female connector components connect both become structure as a whole.Male and female joints are connected with single riser by welding. Male and female joints are chamfered with certain technology at their diameter reduction points, which is conducive to on-site construction operation. All these processes can be prefabricated in the processing plant.Therefore, this joint can greatly reduce the operation time of riser connection in offshore drilling, thus achieving the goal of reducing the mining cost.Of course, this will put forward a higher demand for the strength of the fast joint, especially the bending strength, otherwise it will not be worth the loss.Therefore, it is very important to carry out the bending strength analysis of the fast joint.

B, quick joint structure

The quick joint is mainly composed of three parts: the male joint, the female joint and the spring. The male joint processes the spring groove in a certain position, which is used to fix the contact connection between the spring and the male joint.The model schematic diagram is shown in figure 1.


C.Mechanical analysis of quick joint

In order to study the influence of different factors on the bending strength of quick joints and get the structure size under the optimal state, this paper optimises the bending strength of the quick joints of typical water-barrier pipes according to the joint calculation model established above.

  1. Research on the influence of end Angle of clamping spring on bending strength of quick joint

Since the contact ends between the spring and the male and female joints are designed according to certain angles, in order to study the influence of different angles on the joint strength, the spring joints with different angles are analyzed and calculated respectively, and finally the optimal design and processing angles are obtained.Contact end face with female connector (left end face)

2. Research on the influence of end Angle of clamping spring on bending strength of quick joint

3. Research on the influence of different materials on the bending strength of fast joints

D, conclusion

  1. For the circlip end Angle of the quick connector of circlip drilling riser, the influence of the left end on the bearing capacity of the whole connector is greater than that of the right end.

  2. The effective lap length of joints has a significant impact on the ultimate bending bearing capacity;The influence of joint material on bearing capacity tends to be linear.

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