Advantages and processes of hot-dip galvanizing square tube

- Jan 29, 2021-

Hot dip galvanized square tubes are steels used in hot dip galvanizing processes. This process is a maintenance of steel itself. The medium of steel is prone to oxidation problems, and the application of hot dip galvanizing technology can prevent oxidation of steel. A thick, dense layer of pure zinc masks the exterior of the steel, preventing contact with any solution and keeping the steel substrate from corrosion. In the ordinary atmosphere, the outer surface of the zinc layer constitutes a thin and dense zinc oxide layer, which is difficult to dissolve in water, and thus plays a certain maintenance role on the steel substrate. If the component forms a zinc salt, it is more desirable to have an anticorrosive effect. It has an iron-zinc alloy layer that is separated and compacted to provide corrosion resistance in a marine salt spray environment. Due to separation and solidification, zinc-iron is mutually soluble and has a strong wear resistance. Due to the ductility of zinc, the alloy layer is based on steel. The adhesion is strong, so the hot-dip part can stop cold pressing, bending, etc. without damaging the coating; the one-time annealing of the steel structure can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the steel, and the steel forming of the steel can prevent the steel structural part Turn. 
The table after hot galvanizing is bright and beautiful. The galvanized square tube pure zinc layer is a hot dip galvanized galvanized layer. Its performance is close to that of pure zinc and it is ductile, so it is rich in flexible hot dip galvanized angle steel and hot dip galvanized square tube. Galvanized pipes, these pipes are now mainly used for engineering construction. More use of electricity construction, transportation equipment, gas and heating construction. Therefore, there must be strict consumption technical requirements, and all technical requirements are required. Technical requirements for galvanized pipes 1. Grades and galvanized pipes are used for the steel grade and chemical composition of galvanized steel pipe. 2. Manufacturing Method The manufacturing method of the black tube is selected by the manufacturer. Galvanizing by hot dip galvanizing. 3, thread and pipe joint 3.1 galvanized steel pipe is threaded, the thread should be made after galvanizing. 4. Mechanical properties The mechanical properties of the steel pipe before galvanizing shall comply with the regulations. 5, galvanized layer galvanized steel pipe for galvanized layer test. The steel pipe sample shall not turn red in the copper sulfate solution. 6. Cold bending test The galvanized steel pipe with a nominal diameter of not more than 50 mm is used for the cold bending test. There was no filler in the experiment and the outside or upper part of the weld was located. After the experiment, there should be no cracking or peeling on the sample. 7. The hydrostatic test shall stop the hydrostatic test in the black tube or use the eddy current test pressure test.

The experimental pressure or eddy current should be in accordance with the rules for the sample size. The mechanical properties of steel are an important means of ensuring steel, depending on the chemical composition of the steel and the heat treatment system. In the steel pipe specifications, tensile properties as well as hardness and toughness indicators, as well as high temperature and low temperature properties required by users, are also defined according to different application requirements. 1 Tensile strength The tensile strength of the sample during the stretching process, the maximum force received during the fracture process, the stress obtained from the original cross-sectional area of the sample, called the tensile strength, which means that the metal data can resist the tensile force. The greatest talent. The calculation formula is: metal data with yielding phenomenon. When the force does not increase during the stretching process, the stress of the sample can continue to extend, which is called the yield point. If the force hits the ground, the upper and lower yield points should be determined. Upper yield point: The maximum stress before and under the initial drop of the specimen; the minimum stress at the yield stage when calculating the initial transient effect.


 Product Name Carbon Steel Welded Pipe/Erw Steel Pipe
 O.D. 1/2"-24"   (21.3mm-610mm)
 Wall Thickness 1.0mm-20mm
 Length 3-12m
 Standard ASTM A53,  ASTM A795, BS 1387,DIN2440
 Material Grade A & B
 Surface Treatment Bare/Black painting/Pre-galvanized/Hot-dipped Galvanized/Epoxy Powder Coating/ 3PE
 End Treatment Plain End/Bevelled End/Grooved End with Plastic Caps, etc
 Packaging ≤323.9mm: In hexagonal seaworthy bundles with steel strips and PVC cover sheets
 ≥355.6mm: piece by piece
 Delivery Time According to the order quantity (In general: 30-40 days)
 Shipment By bulk/20'/40' container
 Port of Shipment Tianjin Xingang, China
 Payment Terms 1. T/T: 30% T/T advance, 70% balance upon the copy of original B/L
 2. L/C: 100% at sight
 3. D/P or CAD
 Application range Oil and structural in low pressure liquid and gassy transportation,building and bridge and bridge fields.
 Others 1. Zinc coating thickness for hot dipped galvanized: 200g-550g/m2
 2. Zinc coating thickness for pre-galvanized: 30-275g/m2
 3. all the production process are made under the ISO9001-2000 strictly

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