13Cr petroleum casing specification product introduction

- Mar 15, 2019-

Corrosion resistant materials for 13Cr tubing/p110-13cr casing oil fields.In the development of oil and gas fields containing carbon dioxide, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel containing chromium is excellent.General chromium contentAt 12%, the corrosion resistance is very good, but in the presence of chloride, pitting corrosion and gap corrosion will occur.Dalipu successfully exported 13CR oil casing, special casing.The commonly used special fasteners are VAM TOP,NEW VAM and HYD fasteners.Export L8013CR casing, specification 114mm,298mm, etc.Other corrosion resistant l80-13cr oil casing and 80s-110ss high-sulfur oil casing specifications: 73*5.5188.9*6.45 88.9*9.52 177.8*10.36 139.7*7.72.L8013CR carbon dioxide sleeve

The length of oil casing varies from 8 to 13m.However, casing not shorter than 6m can be provided, and the quantity shall not exceed 20%.The inner and outer surface of the casing shall not be folded, hairline, delamination, crack, crimp and scar.These defects shall be completely removed from the casing and shall not exceed 12.5% of the nominal wall thickness.The casing collar thread surface shall be smooth, without burr, tear and other defects that can cause thread interruption to affect strength and tight connection.

Chemical composition test:As per SY/ t6194-96.Use the same steel grade.Sulfur content < 0.045%, phosphorus content < 0.045%.Chemical analysis samples were taken according to gb222-84.Chemical analysis shall be carried out according to the relevant provisions of GB223.American petroleum institute ARISPEC5CT1988 version 1 regulations.Chemical analysis was conducted according to the latest version of ASTME59 and the latest version of ASTME350.

At present, China's domestic market share of oil well pipe has exceeded 80% T95 oil casing, and has been a net export product for two consecutive years.In regard to the development of varieties, many domestic enterprises innovation, not only produced according to the requirement of API standard K, N, C and P steel grade 13 cr oil casing pipe, also according to user requirements developed with independent intellectual property rights of the series of casing, DLP series the collapse resistance of casing, casing corrosion resistance, resistance to high temperature thermal recovery Wells with casing, ultra deep well with button and special gas tightness casing pipe, the TT high collapse casing its collapsing strength reached more than 167 mpa.TS high extrusion resistance corrosion resistance casing in sodium chloride 5%, acetic acid 0.5% oxidizing corrosion solution, 720 hours without fracture;V casing depth of 6,936 meters (this record will be broken in the near future);3Cr carbon dioxide corrosion resistant casing has been sent to tarim oilfield for downhole use.

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