Round Galvanized Steel Tube

Product name Hot dipped Zinc/galvanized steel tubes&piping q345
Out diameter 20-508mm
Wall Thickness 0.2-30mm
Length 2m-12m or as per customers' requirement
Zinc coating hot dip galvanized steel pipe:200-600g/m2
pre-galvanized steel pipe:40-80g/m2
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Product Details

Round Galvanized Steel Tube

Product name

Q195 Q235 Q345 Galvanized round pipe


Customers't Requirement


Hot Rolled Hollow Carbon Pipe

Grade Group

A53-A369, Q195-Q345




A192, A199, A209, A213, A226, A2





End protector

Plastic Pipe Cap


Square. Rectangular.Round

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Welded Tubing Weight Per Foot Chart






























































In order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, the general steel pipe was galvanized.Galvanized welded pipe is divided into hot galvanized and cold galvanized.

The production process of stainless steel has the following production steps:

A.Round steel preparation;B.Heating;C.Hot rolled piercing;D.Cutting head;E.Pickling.F.Grinding;G.Lubrication;H.Cold rolling;I.Degreasing;J.Solution heat treatment;K.Straightening;L.Pipe cutting;M.Pickling.N.Inspection of finished products.

Can only provide the general process, more detailed belong to the secrets of the manufacturers

Technical requirement for galvanized pipe

 1.Brand name and chemical compositionThe grades and chemical composition of the steel for galvanized steel tubes shall conform to the grades and chemical composition of the steel for black tubes specified in GB 3092.

2. Manufacturing methodThe method of making black pipe (furnace welding or electric welding) is chosen by the manufacturer.Hot dip galvanizing method is adopted for galvanizing.

3. Thread and pipe joint3.1 for galvanized steel pipe delivered with thread, the thread shall be turned after galvanized.Threads shall conform to YB 822.3.2 steel pipe joints shall comply with the provisions of YB 238;Malleable iron pipe joints shall comply with YB 230.Mechanical properties the mechanical properties of the steel tube before galvanizing shall conform to the provisions of GB 3092.5, galvanized layer uniformity galvanized steel pipe should be galvanized layer uniformity test.The steel tube sample shall not turn red (copper-plated color) after being continuously impregnated in copper sulfate solution for 5 times.

6. Cold bending test cold bending test shall be performed on galvanized steel tubes with nominal diameter less than 50mm.Bending Angle is 90 °, bending radius to diameter 8 times.Test without filler, the sample weld should be placed in the bending direction of the lateral or upper.After the test, there should be no images of cracks and spalling of zinc layer on the sample.

7. Water pressure test the water pressure test shall be carried out in black pipe, or eddy current inspection can be used instead of water pressure test.The size of the test pressure or eddy current test specimen shall be in accordance with GB 3092.

Product Details

The Application

The Application

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We are a direct-selling manufacturer specializing in the research and development of spiral steel pipes, steel spiral pipes, anti-corrosion steel pipes inside and outside. Since its inception, the company has been guided by a brand-new thinking of steel pipe product market based on the business philosophy of honesty, pragmatism and knowledge-seeking.

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