ASTM B861 Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipe

Processing: Extrusion,cutting,CNC(Milling),Anodizing.
Packing:Protect by epe form,outside wraped
with shrinking film,plastic, paper
Feature:High and Low Temperature Resistance
Color:Standard Germany RAL SILVER, RED,
Certification:ISO9001, Quality Inspection
Machined:Turning, tapping, drilling, white baking paint
Production Ability:200,000 tons/year
Mould Making Time:1 Week
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Product Details

Product Details

ASME SB 861 / ASTM B861,Standard Specification for Titanium and Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipe,ASTM B861 Grade 2 titanium pipe is mostly used for Heat Exchangers in chemical processing due to titanium’s ultra corrosion resistance.

Brief Introduction

ASTM B861 Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipe

Material grade

Material component


unalloyed titanium


unalloyed titanium plus 0.12 to 0.25% palladium


titanium alloy (3%aluminum,2.5%vanadium)


unalloyed titanium plus 0.12 to 0.25%palladium


titanium alloy(0.3%molybdenum,0.8% nickel)


unalloyedtitanium plus 0.04-0.08% palladium


ASTM   B861


Commercially Pure(CP) Grades

Grade 1,Grade 2,Grade 3,Grade 7,Grade 11 (CP Ti-0.15Pd),Grade 16,Grade 17,Grade 26,Grade 27

Titanium Based Alloys Grades

Grade 5,Grade 9 ( Ti 3Al-2.5V),Grade 12 (Ti-0.3-Mo-0.8Ni),Grade 19 (Ti Beta   C),Grade 23 (Ti 6Al-4V ELI),Grade 28


ASTM B861 grade2 Chemical composition

Titanium (Ti)








0.03 max







ASTM B861 grade2 Physical Properties

Mechanical Property


Proof Stress

275-450 MPa

Tensile Strength

345 Min MPa

Elongation A50 mm

20 Min %


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Titanium alloy seamless pipe is a kind of strip type pipe made of titanium alloy material with hollow section and no joints around.Initially used to make aircraft engine compressor parts and rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft structural parts.Since the mid-1960s, it has been gradually applied in general industrial manufacturing fields, such as electrodes for electrolysis industry, condensers for power stations, heaters for oil refining and seawater desalination, and environmental pollution control devices.

TA1, TA2 and TA3 are all industrial pure titanium, they have high mechanical properties, excellent stamping performance, and can be used for various forms of welding, welding joint strength up to 90% of the matrix metal strength, and good cutting performance.Titanium tube has high corrosion resistance to chloride, sulfide and ammonia.The corrosion resistance of titanium in seawater is higher than that of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and nickel base alloy.Titanium also has strong water impact resistance

An alloy of titanium with other elements added to it.Used for the manufacture of condenser tubes in contaminated seawater, water with high suspended matter content, and at high flow rates.

Titanium alloys can be divided into three categories according to their structure.Add aluminum and tin to titanium.Aluminum, chromium, molybdenum-vanadium and other alloying elements were added into titanium.Titanium alloy has high strength and small density, good mechanical properties, toughness and corrosion resistance is very good.

The development of

Industrial production of titanium began in 1948.The development of the aviation industry requires the titanium industry to grow at an average annual growth rate of about 8%.At present, the world's annual output of titanium alloy processing materials has reached more than 40,000 tons, nearly 30 kinds of titanium alloy brands.The most widely used titanium alloys are ti-6al-4v (TC4), ti-5al-2.5 Sn(TA7) and industrial pure titanium (TA1, TA2 and TA3).China began to study titanium and titanium alloys in 1956.In the mid-1960s, the industrial production of titanium began and TB2 alloy was developed.


Titanium alloys are mainly used to make compressor parts for aircraft engines, followed by structural parts for rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft.By the mid-1960s, titanium and its alloys had been used in general industry, for making electrodes for the electrolytic industry, condensers for power stations, heaters for oil refining and desalination, and environmental pollution control devices.Titanium and its alloys have become a kind of corrosion resistant structural material.In addition, it is also used to produce hydrogen storage materials and shape memory alloys.

Product details

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Certifications of product


Product Applications


Product manufacturing process


The Workshop

Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG)Co.,Ltd.

No.92 JieFang East Road ,Cangzhou City, Hebei,P.R.China.

 has more than eighteen years history company which located in Lecong Iron and Steel World, a well-known steel distribution center in China, with superior geographical position and convenient water and land transportation. 

We are a direct-selling manufacturer specializing in the research and development of spiral steel pipes, steel spiral pipes, anti-corrosion steel pipes inside and outside. Since its inception, the company has been guided by a brand-new thinking of steel pipe product market based on the business philosophy of honesty, pragmatism and knowledge-seeking.

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The Packing Process Flow



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