Alloy Seamless Titanium Tube

Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Grade:6000 Series
Surface Treatment:Anodized
Length:10-13000mm, 10-13000mm
Usage:building industrial decoration
Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy
Temper:T3 - T8
Al (Min):99%
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Product Details

Product Details

Titanium tube is the best metal material for heating equipment of nitric acid solution.Titanium heat exchanger has around 193 ℃ of 60% nitric acid and corrosion are not found in use for many years.In the boiling of 40% and 68% nitric acid, there was some initial corrosion and after a short period of time the dullness of the titanium recovered and the corrosion rate decreased significantly.It may be related to the corrosion inhibition of titanium ions.

Brief Introduction

Alloy Seamless Titanium Tube


Corrosion Resistance Titanium alloy seamless Tubes


Titanium alloy


Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 9, Grade 12


ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASTM B861


Titanium alloy Tubes

Production Process

Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled

Supply   States

Annealed (M)



Payment   Method



Titanium tube and titanium pipe widely used in chemical equipment, electrical equipment, instrument, Desalination of sea water, salt-making equipment, ocean anti-corrosion, papermaking equipment, petroleum drilling equipment, petroleum detection equipment, automobile and motorcycle exhaust pipe, heat exchanger, condenser, heater distiller, reactor, separator, evaporator, etc…


1.   Low Modulus of Elasticity

2.   Good thermal properties

3.   Nonmagnetic and Non-toxic

4.   Excellent Bearing to cryogenic property

5.   Good resistance to effect of heat

6.   Excellent Corrosion Resistance

7.   Low Density and High Strength

Seamless titanium alloy tubes have several types and physical indicators

Titanium is an important structural metal developed in the 1950s. Titanium alloys are widely used in various fields due to their high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance.Many countries in the world are aware of the importance of titanium alloy materials, one after another to its research and development, and has been the actual application.In the 1950s and 1960s, the company mainly developed high-temperature titanium alloys for aero-engines and structural titanium alloys for airframes. In the 1970s, a group of corrosion resistant titanium alloys were developed. Since the 1980s, corrosion resistant titanium alloys and high-strength titanium alloys have been further developed.Titanium alloys are mainly used to make compressor parts for aircraft engines, followed by structural parts for rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft

Is the titanium tube corrosion resistant?

Generally speaking, titanium tube in oxidizing medium (such as nitric acid, chromic acid, hypochlorous acid and perchloric acid, etc.) the corrosion resistance is better.In reducing acid (such as dilute sulfuric acid solution, hydrochloric acid solution, etc.), due to the passivity of the oxide film is destroyed, the corrosion speed is relatively fast, and increases with the increase of temperature and concentration.In reducing acids, the addition of heavy metal salts can play an important role in corrosion inhibition., ti palladium alloy and ti ni mo alloy have much higher corrosion resistance than industrial pure titanium.

The corrosion resistance of titanium in high temperature nitric acid depends on the purity of nitric acid.In the case of pure nitric acid solution or nitric acid vapor at high temperature, the corrosion is more obvious when the concentration of nitric acid is between 20% and 60%.All kinds of metal ions, such as Si/Cr/Fe/Ti, are used in a very low content, which can also slow down the corrosion of titanium in high-temperature nitric acid solution.Titanium exhibits better corrosion resistance than stainless steel in high temperature nitric acid solution.The corrosion product of titanium (Ti4+) is a very good inhibitor of nitric acid corrosion.

At room temperature in the air of sulfuric acid, the industrial pure titanium can only withstand less than 5% of sulfuric acid solution;If the temperature drops to 0 ℃ or so, the concentration of sulfuric acid can be increased to 20%.If the temperature is high enough for the solution to boil, sulfuric acid will still corrode even if the temperature drops to 0.5%.When nitrogen was injected into sulfuric acid solution at the same temperature, the corrosion rate of titanium was significantly higher than that of air.This corrosion pattern is essentially the same in other reducing inorganic acids.


Product details

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Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG)Co.,Ltd.

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