Welded Carbon Steel Square Structural Steel Pipe

W.T 1.0mm-15mm
Diameter 20*10mm-600*600mm
Length 5.8m-12m
Technique Longitudinal Electronic Resistance Welding(ERW)
High Frequency Welding(HFW)
Surface Galvanized, painting, steel stamp, drilling, etc
Ends Plain ends, grooved ,cutting, threading, beveled, flange, etc
Packing Bundles, wooden case, plastic woven bags, or customized
Inspection With Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties Testing;
Hydrostatic Test,
Dimensional and Visual Inspection,
With Nondestructive Inspection
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Product Details

Product Details

rief Introduction

Welded Carbon Steel Square Structural Steel Pipe

Specification of  ASTM A500 Q195 Q235 Q345 S275 B Grade ERW Structural Mild Steel Square Pipes
Square steel pipeSizeWT(mm)
 Rectangular steel pipe SizeWT(mm)
 20*20 1.0-2.5 20*30 1.0-2.75
 25*25 1.0-2.75 20*40 1.0-2.75
 30*30 1.0-2.75 25*40 1.0-2.75
 40*40 1.2-3.75 30*50 1.0-4.75
 50*50 1.2-5.75 30*60 1.2-4.75
 60*60 1.2-5.75 40*50 1.2-4.75
 70*70 1.2-5.75 40*80 1.2-4.75
 80*80 1.2-5.75 50*70 1.3-4.75
 90*90 1.2-5.75 50*80 1.3-4.75
 100*100 1.5-12 60*90 1.3-4.75
 120*120 2.5-12 50*100 1.3-5.75
 140*140 2.75-16 50*150 1.3-5.75
 150*150 2.75-16 60*160 1.3-5.75
 160*160 3.0-16 100*150 2.5-16
 180*180 3.0-16 100*200 2.5-16
 200*200 3.0-16 100*250 2.5-16
 250*250 4.75-16 150*300 4.5-16
 300*300 4.75-16 200*300 5.5-16
 400*400 4.75-25 200*400 5.5-16
 500*500 4.75-25 400*600 5.5-25

In the world, the use rate of precision steel pipe is very high, at home or abroad, precision steel pipe occupies a very important position in the whole pipeline material.According to the current market development, there are more than 200 large-scale manufacturers of precision steel pipes in China. Meanwhile, the annual output is constantly improving.And the technology of precision steel tube is also in constant improvement, relative to the previous process is more mature.Shandong liaocheng ronghe metal products co., LTD. Recently produced precision steel pipe, product quality has been developed and improved, for the inner hole and the size of the outer wall have strict requirements, in order to standardize and ensure the quality of precision steel pipe.

Through solid solution treatment and aging treatment in different time to get 5 kinds of heat treatment state of WE43 magnesium alloy samples, and then separately carries on the static mechanical performance test, microstructure and fracture morphology observed by SEM, the microstructure observed by optical microscope, using optical microscope and corresponding fracture microstructure, and analyzed the solid solution and aging heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of WE43 magnesium alloys.

WE43 is mg-re alloy, where W is the code name of element Y, E is rare earth elements, 4 is the mass percentage of element Y, 3 is the mass percentage of the following rare earth elements.The general composition of WE43 is mg-4% y-3.3% RE(Nd, Gd) -0.5zr %.


 Trade assurance price per kg square hollow carbon steel seamless pipeTrade assurance price per kg square hollow carbon steel seamless pipe




1) In bundle with strip; 

2) In bulk 

3) Client' requirements 

Delivery time: Normal size: 7days send from warehouse directly.No stock 25-35days

Shippment:Shipped in 7-15 days after payment

1) Small diameter: Weight >Measurement

                      a. Length: ≤5.8m, loaded in 20FT Container, Max 27tons

                      b. Length: ≤11.8m, loaded in 40 FT Container, Max 27tons

                      c. Length: ≥12m, shipped by bulk vessel. FILO terms

2) Big dimater: Weight

 a. Size of 20 FT Container(inside :5898*2352*2350mm)




Trade assurance price per kg square hollow carbon steel seamless pipeTrade assurance price per kg square hollow carbon steel seamless pipe

Cangzhou Steel Pipe Group (CSPG)Co.,Ltd.

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We are a direct-selling manufacturer specializing in the research and development of spiral steel pipes, steel spiral pipes, anti-corrosion steel pipes inside and outside. Since its inception, the company has been guided by a brand-new thinking of steel pipe product market based on the business philosophy of honesty, pragmatism and knowledge-seeking.


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